In the first part of this article, we discussed the concept of the seven mountains of influence and explained the first two mountains. We recommend that you read the first part here first before reading this one.

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The following mountains will be discussed today:

• The Mountain of Politics and Governance
• The Mountain of Media (Influence, mind and control systems)
• The Mountain of Arts & Entertainment
• The Mountain of Religion
• The Mountain of Economy and Business


The leaders of a nation influence the morals, directions, and lifestyle of the nation directly. This is seen even in scripture looking at the Judges and Kings that led God’s people.
Every decision a leader makes affects the followers. This mountain is one that somehow impacts all the other mountains. If God and His principles are taken out of the governing of a nation, the nation is already doomed.
Believers in politics and governance must raise the banner of Christ high and uphold righteousness.

4. The Mountain of Media (Influence, mind and control systems)

The mountain of media used to be restricted to sources like TV, news paper, and radios. But now, it is way wider than that. With the advent of social media, information is now widely spread all over the world every second. Media is vast and unstoppable. Anyone has the ability to start an online platform and influence the minds of people in whatever direction they wish to.
Every news you hear or read is a product of someone’s mind and compilation. It may not be a holistic view of the situation. This is how powerful the media is.

Believers who are called to this mountain as writers, reporters, speakers, and so on must be willing to speak and share the wisdom of God through Christian media and by going into the secular media as well. Other believers must be ready to support, promote, and share the right information on media.


Humans are social beings and love to be entertained in one way or the other.
Social media, arts shows, music, filmmaking, and so on are a natural part of the lives of people.
This mountain is one that believers must not shy away from because it can not be avoided. More so, the devil is not ignoring this mountain. He is infiltrating it with vices like immorality, substance abuse, alcohol, and so on.
Christians must receive grace from God to work on their talents and explore the arts and entertainment sphere.


There are different forms and types of beliefs in the world today. Many people continue to delve into and practice strange and very weird rituals due to their belief in certain superior beings.
The church of Christ Jesus must not relent in sharing the Gospel to all and sundry.


God is interested in our economy and wealth as individuals and as a nation. The economy of a nation affects many things and God has put innate abilities in us to create wealth and multiply it. The church must train more Kingdom -minded believers who are gifted for business, and the marketplace to rise in this mountain and become leaders with the fear of God, diligence, honesty, and integrity.

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  1. Father please in whatever sphere I find myself, may my only Goal be to advance your kingdom in Jesus name. I obtain grace to do your will on earth as it is in heaven in Jesus name. Amen

  2. Yes, this knowledge is a must for every child of God to have it as a template for daily digestion and the earlier the better.

  3. Many blessings for the teaching on the mountains of influences. It is eye opening for me and to see God’s plan for my children and my husband missions. Be blessed mightily and God compensate you and all your ´s for your work.

  4. Most of the Christian leaders should devote time to teach the church the important of these mountains and the urgent to possess them so that the devil will become useless and frustrated in all his way. Thank Daddy G. O., Remain blessed for ever in Jesus name.

  5. Very impactful and an eye opener Christian must be proactive and be more involved in a positive way in this world by bringing light to those areas of influence. We must take over the world for Christ. As it is in Heaven so let it be on earth….Amen.

  6. This is profound. The segmentation is like a career building block. Thank you for putting together. However, I was looking forward to the mountain of health( there is so much in the health sector inclusive if physical health, mental health, emotional health( many atheist and satanic are this sector and the children of light must possess reason they can pass the bill of abortion and all kinds, also the mountain of environmental preservation and planning, also Agriculture, technology, Astronomy.

    So much mountain for us to possess than the inner wrangling and contention the church sometimes entertain.

    It is time to Arise and shine! This is a gospel that must be preached in every teenage, children and youth gathering. We are saved for impact and the impact is in our professional callings. Work is where we meet people and how we interact with the world.

    Let’s all roll up our sleeves, and get to work for Jesus.

  7. Thank God for the group that analise all these mountains unto us may
    The Lord translate it unto our spirit soul and body IJN Amen .

  8. Thank you for the post. However, please try to back up the article with biblical scriptures to make it more factual and reality

  9. This is actually an eye opener

    I receive the grace to take over the mountain of influence in every of the spheres and also remain relevant to Abba always

  10. We thank God for this short and beautiful article our God is Erich God if we are serving God does not mean that we should be poor The God that we are serving is a rich God so should not be poor Jesus Christ has everything but because of us He became poor so that we might enrich so therefore iam to be rich not to be poor thank you Jesus and by your stripe iam made whole Hallelujah somebody

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