It is God’s desire for believers to go into the world and transform it with the knowledge of Him. God does not want us to be fervent in church alone. He also wants us to go into the world, shine His light that is in us and draw men to the beauty of the Gospel.

This goes without saying that God wants you to be excellent, diligent and successful in our other endeavors as well especially because these other areas are avenues for us to impact men and impact the world in general.

There are seven areas (also known as mountains) that shape human existence and living. These mountains directly influence everything about humans and if believers begin to work in these areas, they get to directly influence people and transform nations, institutions, and territories with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The concept of the seven mountains of influence has been discussed by many men of God like Apostle Joshua Selman. It was modified as far back as 1975 by Bill Bright (founder, Campus Crusade) and Loren Cunningham (founder of Youth With a Mission (YWAM)).

We will take a look at these seven mountains and briefly discuss them with you. It is our prayer that through this post, God reveals which of the mountains (spheres) He wants you to take and grants you the grace to be excellent in it and impact lives for Him.

We shall list the seven mountains below. Two of the mountains will be briefly discussed today, while the other five will be discussed in another post soon.

1 The Mountain of Family (The foundation)
2 The Mountain of Education (Building mindsets)
3 The Mountain of Politics and Governance
4 The Mountain of Media (Influence, mind and control systems)
5 The Mountain of Arts & Entertainment
6 The Mountain of Religion
7 The Mountain of Economy and Business


This mountain which is seemingly the smallest is actually the most significant and important. The family is the smallest unit and building block of every society. Families determine to a great extent, the outcome of individuals and their lives. God has a plan for family and it is seen in scripture. He has a role for every member of the family, beginning from the husband/father who should model His fatherhood nature.

When one or all of the members of a family fail to play their role, the family begins to fail. This in turn, affects the society. The devil particularly attacks families and marriages because He knows how powerful that unit is. This is why there are all forms of evil and aberrations seen in the family ; divorce, incest, homosexuality, violence, and more.

The mountain of family is very important to God. Therefore, if you are called to this mountain, either as a Christian father and mother, relationship and marriage coach, family therapists and so on, you must arise to this mountain of family and begin to restore things to the original order by the wisdom of God. This mountain is a powerful mountain to raise the banner of Jesus high in.


Whoever educates you has access to your mind and has the power to infiltrate your mind, thoughts, and eventually, your actions.
The world has so much evil and decadence in it and if the Word of God and the principles of God are not brought into education, more ungodly people will be raised.

More and more people are getting lost in the world by embracing ungodly ideologies, postmodern principles and atheistic teachings. Many schools outside of Nigeria do not permit teachers to teach children anything about God. People are now being indoctrinated with anti biblical information.

This calls for the rise of more Christian teachers, thought leaders, educationists and leaders that are spirit filled and have Bible-centric values to fill up the mountain of education and uphold the crumbling educational system.

In the next post, we will discuss the five other mountains.

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  1. Wonderful and insightful post. Thanks and God bless you all. More anointing and grace to do Gods grace be upon you all in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

  2. Father please in whatever sphere of influence I find myself, please equip me with the Holy Spirit and power so I can draw as many men unto you in Jesus name. Amen 🙏

  3. True. The family is like a cell in the human body because it is the smallest unit in the society today and also the foundation of our world. The decay in the family values is destroying our world and it is time for us as children of the most high to go back to the basis seeking for a Godly family. I’m really inspired this morning.
    Thank you daddy
    Thank God

  4. The open heaven looks different today, no bible reference, no hymn and the yearly bible reading for today (I. e the book of Jeremiah that we reading) too as been removed.

  5. Thank you sir for this post. We really need to shine in our world of influence. By God’s grace, I am a Secondary School teacher. I receive the grace to influence thousands of lives through my classes and life in Jesus Name.

  6. Thank u Daddy GO, for this great revelation. I am eagerly waiting for rest five mountains of inlue ce. Thank sir.

  7. Wow!
    This is a subject in season!!
    May the Lord bless the vessels He has used, and establish his word in the hearts of His people in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

  8. Very useful sir. My family values are Bible based and by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we will remain rooted in the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus. it my prayer that the Holy Spirit will help us with understanding the word and cause us all to be richly filled with the word and that way, we will remain in health, prospering as our souls prosper in Jesus Mighty Name Amen and Amen

  9. Hmmmmm!!! This topic is very insightful and inspiring. More anointing sir in Jesus name Amen.
    When we are knowledgeable about these mountains with God’s help a lot of problems will be solved and peace of God will reign.

  10. Thank you for this. Could you please include bible scriptures to substantiate your well laid out points.
    There is no Open Heavens Devotional posted today. Is this by default or a mistake. A lot of people rely on this for their daily quiet time with God

    Thank you and God bless you for your tireless work on this platform

  11. Yes the post is educative and informative.. May The Lord help us to raise more Christian teachers and educationists In Jesus Most Powerful Name🙏
    Father Thank You for The Privilege to see a new day In Jesus Most Powerful Name Amen 🙏

  12. All these mountains are real may Almighty God help us d believers to be till with the Spirit of God so that we can mind what we should and what we should not do so we will not fall in to temptation of the devil IJN Amen

  13. Thanks for this. It’s an eye opener. may God give us all the grace to make amends where needed.

    Blessed Week family ❤️


  14. If the foundations be destroyed, What can the righteous do?
    Psalm 11:3 KJV
    A Godly family life is not negotiable

  15. This is an eye opener to me, Now l understand better why the devil is doing everything to distroy homes. God bless you for this.

  16. This article is very relevant, believers need to have knowledge about these kinds of informations. The body of christ has the duty to open up space for believers to go for knowledge in order to influence the law of comos for the glory of God.i love this.

  17. Thank you for this post. Thank God the church have finally woken up to this reality and speaking about it. The church is to prepare us for the impact we are to make in these seven areas highlighted and more. Christians must stop being mediocres and confidently arise to be the Daniels, Joshuas, Davids, Josephs, Nehemiahs etc of our time and stop fighting for ordinations and position in the church. SO MUCH WORK OUTSIDE THE CHURCH. THE WORLD NEEDS OUR LIGHT.

    The earnest creature awaiteth the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God.

    So much darkness everywhere because we assumed the church is only where we are called to operate. The entire planet earth is our sphere of influence and impact….Be witnesses to me to the uttermost part of the earth is the injunction.

  18. I found it very helpful and insightful and may God continue to bless you all with wisdom for impactful teaching

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