When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable.
It is necessary to understand the purpose of the things we do even as Christians to help us engage then with more intentionality.

In this period of fasting, it is essential to understand why true Bible encourages fasting.

This article will give you insight into the different reasons for fasting as seen in scripture.

These reasons will help you realign your focus and understand the purpose of your fast. It will also tell you what occasions in life require that you fast.

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Reasons For Fasting As Seen In The Bible

1. Repentance (Joel 2:12)
From time past in the old Testament, fasting has been a way God’s people show remorse for their sinful actions and repentance from it.

Fasting, putting on sack clothes and rubbing ashes on their bodies have been common practice biblically.

It shows true repentance and readiness to turn away from sin and to God.

2. Guidance (Luke 4:2, Ezra 8:23, Acts 13:3)

Biblically, people have a loss embarked on periods of fasting to seek God for guidance and direction.

Either when embarking on a significant journey, or before making important decisions.

Jesus did it, Moses did it, and the early church as well.

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3. Healing/deliverance (Isaiah 58, Matt 17:21)

Healing and deliverance is another biblical reason for fasting and prayers.

Scriptures have shown us through the life of many and even the words of Jesus Himself that certain challenges, diseases, and spirits will only be overcome through fasting and prayer.

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4. Seeking God’s Face

Biblically, people also fast to seek the face of God and fellowship with Him.

We are not only to seek God when we are in need. We are to seek Him to know Him better and fellowship with Him.

5. Waiting on the Lord (Luke 2:37)

Fasting is also a way to wait on God for His promises.

People like Anna the prophetess in the Bible fasted and prayed until they saw God’s promise manifest physically.

These 5 reasons are the primary reasons for fasting.
Yours can be more than 1 of them. The important thing is to know your reason and be intentional about your fast.

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