Fasting is essential for every believer’s spiritual growth.

It is important that you fast regularly especially at the start of the year like this.

It is important to know that there are different kinds of fasting and some of them are recognized in scripture or in line with scriptural principles.

In this article (Benefits Of Fasting), we shared the benefits of fasting and one of them is that fasting helps you focus on God.

The goal of fasting is not starvation, but a heightened sensitivity to God and to grow your spirit man.

Thus, you can achieve this even when you do not engage in fasting away from food due to reasons like your health status.

Depending on your goals and health status, you can choose one of the types of fasting below.

You may not be able to engage in the conventional fasting but you can use any of these options and seek God’s face and you will achieve the same results.

Types Of Fasting

1) Normal Fasting

“Normal fasting” refers to usual or common fast Christians undergo that involves staying away from all kinds of food for some hours in the day and then eating again by evening.

This is the common and most widely known fast, and most likely the one practiced in scripture.

However, there are other fasts people can engage in.

2) White fasting

This is another kind of fasting and it involves not eating any highly processed white food products like white rice, bread, pasta, flour, potatoes, etc.

Generally, whole grain products should be avoided.

This kind of fast does not stop you from eating everything but it limits what you can eat, curbs your appetite, and disciplines you.

3) Daniel’s fast

This is similar to white fasting but it is derived from Daniel’s actions in the palace in Babylon in the book of Daniel 1:5-16.

This Fast is a partial kind that involves a strict vegan diet that forbids consumption of leavened bread, processed food, animal products, caffeine, and alcoholic substances for a long period of time. Usually, 10–21 days.

People who are unable to fast from all kinds of food due to health reasons can adopt the Daniel fast.

4) Social media fast

In a world where many have become addicted to their mobile devices and social media pages, fasting away from social media often has become a necessity.

A social media fast is simply staying away from social media for a period of time for the purpose of focusing on God and spending time with him.

Although this is not related to food, it is a necessary fast believers should undergo often.

5) Dry fasting

A dry fast is an extreme fast and it is not advisable for everyone especially people who are aged or have health issues.

It is an extreme version of fast where people stay away from food and water intake for a period of time.

Scientifically, no matter how strong you are, you should not engage in a dry fast for longer than 3 days. In scripture, we see personalities like Jesus and Moses undergoing dry fasting for 40 days and nights.

Although this kind of fasting builds discipline in you and has been claimed to aid weight loss, build immunity and improve mental well-being, it should not be done if you have a strenuous job or engaging commitments.

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  1. Thanks for explaining the different kinds of fasting. May the Lord continue to manifest Himself in our lives.

  2. Good morning sir/ma, I did learn something. But will also want more deeper explanation on dry fasting. At what time of the day can you take liquid, can u engage in taking fruits or is there something to take to keep the body hydrated and more expository to this topic?

  3. Thank you. I have food intolerances so the white fast seems ideal, although, I fast until lunchtime often, currently I am struggling with breaking at evening. I am73. Praise God. I fast as I am led and I may just eat one meal for 5-7 days and then a Daniels fast for 10 days. May God Bless my dedication to fasting and prayers. God Bless us all that are fasting.

  4. Thank you for breaking it down because for a long time many people don’t get it about fasting at least now i know and i can tell others 👍

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