It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That line in the song means different things to different around the world.

To some it is just a regular end of year Thanksgiving, and others take it as the longest break they get from work.

While some make a lot of money from Christmas, others spend the entire year’s savings on it.

But what really is Christmas?

You should be sure of what (or who) you’re celebrating in the midst of the noise and abuse of the holiday going on in the world.

Christmas is beyond the happy holidays the world calls it.

Over the years, the message behind Christmas might have been lost to activities and ungodly practices, but it doesn’t mean it has lost the reason it is being celebrated.

So what then is Christmas? Christmas is the day set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Call it Jesus’ birthday and you’ll be very correct.

25th December is not the actual day Jesus was born, but from speculations and study and research on the happenings that took place around the time of his birth, it points towards December on the Gregorian calendar.

So why must we celebrate Christmas? The first and only answer is: why not?

Jesus Himself speaking in the only elaborate sermon he gave about being born again said to Nicodemus in John chapter 3 verse 16: ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…’

That is Christmas.

It was the day God gave Himself to the world He loved. Yes, he was born to die, that was the completion of the gift, but without being born he wouldn’t have been able to die.

So we don’t just give thanks for his death and resurrection, the gift of the son was a package that kept unfolding, from his birth till his resurrection.

So again I answer the question of why we celebrate Christmas with: why not?

At his birth, the angels declared: Glory to God in the highest, peace on Earth and goodwill to men.

God had finally executed his peace plan and not just brought in his peace to the Earth, he came himself to make peace with the earth and didn’t just give us peace, He is our peace.

Peace personified had finally come to the Earth to make peace by giving himself as a peace offering, and like a preacher said, ‘when God was to bring peace and make peace with the earth, he smuggled it in as a baby’. That’s a huge reason, if not the only reason to celebrate Christmas.

In our next article, we will share a few beautiful things you can do during Christmas. Would you like to read that article?

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  1. I am richly blessed by this brief and profound narrative of what Christmas is.
    May the spirit of Christmas engulf our families, and the world. Peace over our nation and the world at large in Jesus’ name
    Wishing you daddy Adeboye and the open Heaven family a glorious Christmas season.

  2. Very well done!!! I want to read more of course!! I just taught this to my youth class and had to clarify a good deal of this. It will be the theme of the rest of the year whenever we meet. God bless this wonderful platform in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen!!

  3. Great! Thank you Father God for sending your one and only Son, Jesus Christ to carry all of my sin. Now I have every reason to celebrate Him. Thank you my Lord!

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