Today’s Daily Divine Declarations For Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Today’s Daily Divine Declarations For Tuesday 23rd April 2019

This Morning The Presence of God will go with You and your household in Jesus Name!

May His daily Victory always be your portion in Jesus Name

May You experience sweatless Victory this week in Jesus Name!

As You step out this week- Go and enjoy Victory on every sides in Jesus Name!

Any forms of battles ahead of You this week- even before they come your way, You are Victorious in Jesus Name

Over any forms of hereditary challenges- Go and enjoy all round victory in Jesus Name

All interview scheduled for this week shall be Testimonies in return in Jesus Name

Every doors you will knock this week- by mercy of God they shall Open unto you with ease in Jesus Name. Also Read – Open Heavens 23rd April 2019

May You never know better last week in Jesus Name!

The Victory Of the resurrection will manifest in your life and household in Jesus Name

I covered all home with the blood of Jesus! You shall not be a victim of bloodshed in Jesus Name

We Pray for the families of those who lost their souls at Sri Lanka bombing attack days back that God will console them and restore Peace all over Sri Lanka country in Jesus Name!

Father, heal every nations that are sick this season in Jesus Name! Also Read – Prayer Points For Open Heavens Wednesday 23rd April 2019

Over all homes this week- like never before go and enjoy Total Victory in Jesus Name!

I will not have cause to mourn over anyone of You in Jesus Name!

For those trusting God to be among them- You are lifted in Jesus Name

At the end we shall not be cast away in Jesus Name!

Any forces that wants to stand against this morning declarations wrath of God locate their camps in Jesus Name!

…..And All shall be well with You in Jesus name!

Go ahead and Celebrate God for this morning Declarations.


We return all Glory to you Alone.




  1. Thank you Father for this morning declarations in receive it by faith for myself and my household in Jesus Mighty name Amen

  2. Thank you God for the promise of today knowing fully well that every day is a gift from you and we received with humility as you take the lead and we follow IJN. Thank you daddy for making yourself a mouth peice and oracle of God. Thank you sir/ma

  3. AMEN!!!!
    By faith I declare that All interview scheduled for me this week shall be Testimonies in return in Jesus’ Name; AMEN!!!

  4. Amen!!! All interviews scheduled for my family this week and those attended in the past are declared testimonies in Jesus mighty name.

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