Today’s Daily Divine Declarations For Saturday 20th April 2019

Today’s Daily Divine Declarations For Saturday 20th April 2019

This Morning The Presence of God will go with You and your household in Jesus Name!

May His mercy never depart from You on daily basis in Jesus Name

It’s a New Day – Go and received that New Testimonies in Jesus Name!

May Almighty God remember all your Good work and compensate you today in Jesus Name!

Probably people have forgotten You- today God has remember your case and You shall return with complete Testimonies in Jesus Name!

As we go on fellowship break for this festival period- May will not break into sickness or Afflictions in Jesus Name!

I covered all homes with the blood of Jesus! No evil shall befall any home represented on this Ministry in Jesus Name

Father, put end to that season of tears in that home today in Jesus Name!

Father, visit that person on sick bed this morning and perfected his health in Jesus Name

God will do only what He can do over your situation right now in Jesus Name!

For everyone who has been qualified for promotions in all areas of life- Lord remember them Now and settle their case in Jesus Name! Also Read – Open Heavens 20th April 2019

For everyone struggling with their spiritual life- welcome to your new season of Fresh fire in Jesus Name

I speak into business- debts shall no longer dominate You in Jesus Name!

Father, it’s our Month Of No more Limitation- let this be our Permanent Testimonies in Jesus Name

I come against every negative dreams today- they shall not stand nor come to pass in Jesus Name. Also Read – Prayer Points For Open Heavens 20th 2019

In all areas of life- You shall be the one dominating in Jesus Name!

Over that child- Your destiny helpers over your career will surface in Jesus Name!

Go ahead and Celebrate God for this morning Declarations.


We return all Glory to you Alone.



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