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This grace called favour








Apostle Joshua Selman’S Deliverance Prayers

Philippians 1 vs 7: “It is right and appropriate for me to have this confidence and feel this way about you all, because you have me in your heart and I hold you in my heart as partakers and sharers, one and all with me, of grace (God’s unmerited favor and spiritual blessing). [This is true] both when I am shut up in prison and when I am out in the defense and confirmation of the good news (the Gospel).” (AMP)

2Corinthians 8 vs 7: “Now as you abound and excel and are at the front in everything — in faith, in expressing yourselves, in knowledge, in all zeal, and in your love for us — [see to it that you come to the front now and] abound and excel in this gracious work [of almsgiving] also.” (AMP)

The Grace for Favor may be one of the hardest graces to receive, but we have to believe that it is merited first and then, Ask God for it. Because man is grossly limited and the unit of life is Time, so God brought us systems of advantage like speed and favor amongst others. You can know when there is favor in your life.

Exodus 3 vs 21: “And I will give this people favor and respect in the sight of the Egyptians; and it shall be that when you go, you shall not go empty-handed.” (AMP)

Exodus 11 vs 3: “And the Lord gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians. Moreover, the man Moses was exceedingly great in the land of Egypt, in the sight of Pharaoh’s servants and of the people.

Proverbs 13 vs 15: “Good understanding wins favor, but the way of the transgressor is hard[like the barren dry sand or the impassable swamp].” (AMP)

Favor Defined: Favor is Divine Assistance, Divine Help. it is God in partnership with men providing help and assistance to your life and destiny. it is the number one reason why people succeed in the kingdom, even Jesus needed it.

Imagine that two women (Good Understanding and Transgression) gave birth to Favor and Hardship.

Luke 2 vs 52: “And Jesus increased in wisdom (in broad and full understanding) and in stature and in years, and in favor with God and man.” (AMP)

You can have favor with God but not with man. Jesus had favor with God and man that was why He could get the donkey into Jerusalem. You need favor to achieve your goals and to fulfill your divine destiny in Christ.

Every testimony of victory and success in the kingdom is connected to favor. In this Kingdom who hates you does not matter but who likes you matters.

All Blessings come from God through men to men. So when God says Yes, and the helpers of your destiny says No, the answers you need will remain in the realm of the spirit. Even God needed men as in a woman with a womb.

This is why Zechariah and Mary asked the same question of “How shall this things be ?” and one being favored was answered while the other was punished. You need favor to achieve your goals and to fulfill destiny in life.

Favor is when God raises men to invest their Time, their Resources and their Credibility over your destiny. Most of our prayers are men dependent. One man can be used by God to open more than a hundred doors of opportunities for you.

It is the absence of favor that has led to the statement ‘Life is Unfair’. People truly don’t care about you, it is favor that allows you to leverage on people’s time and credibility.

There are seven currencies in this kingdom because everything is bought but the least of them all is money.

May you never be so poor that the only thing you have is money in your bank account. Money itself is a product, the name of the capital that buys money is what the Bible calls True Riches.

It does not take Money, Resources, Access or Influence to have an encounter with Jesus Christ, it just takes Passion and Hunger.

Not Accessing The Systems Of Advantage In The Kingdom will make God appear like a cruel and wicked and self centered God. The Systems of Advantage are some of the sponsors of Integrity. Apostle Joshua Selman Declarations Against Sickness And Death


This is the Good Understanding that Brings Favor.

1. HONOR: honor is the key to access. It is the Discerning, Celebrating and Rewarding of men for their distinctive difference. it is a stream of income that does not require capital. Gratitude is One of The Clearest display of honor. spirits take advantage of our disobedience and rides upon it to close our doors to gaining from these keys. Anytime that a door closes and refuses to open, the padlock is dishonor. No human has vaccination against honor. Thanksgiving is the cheapest way to show honor. No man can resist honor although they can express it in different ways. A certificate can get you a job but honor will give you promotion when everyone has what you have, it makes you different. Adaptation is proof of honor. Honor is magnetic, it keeps people and helpers within your vicinity. It is the job of the Holy Ghost to bring them to you, it is your job in partnership with Him to keep them. Every man you see is multi-dimensional, the dimension you honor is the dimension that delivers to you. Honor your way into ownership.

“He that receives a prophet in the name, as touching the office of a prophet, shall receive a prophet’s reward.”

2. VALUE WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF A CIVILIZATION: It is the measure of your usefulness through your ability to solve problems and provide solutions.

“Seeth thou a man diligent in his way, he will stand before kings and not mean men.”

You must be exceptionally valuable not just valuable. Pain is not a factor in the presence of value. Peoples excuses of convenience is a proof of your valuelessness. To be valuable is to have the capacity to provide solutions. Don’t say you like what you are doing, You are not the one who will pay yourself. Your solutions has to be useful and needed within the context of a civilization. Be so valuable you can defend the reason why God blesses you.

(Secret- Focus on developing yourself more than your business plan) It is good to Give value but it is best to BE the value.

Beware of arrival mentality. You know you are there when your audience are only kings.

Do not stop until you serve kings, only kings can reward your efforts in a way that befits your sacrifice, every other reward is just a support system until you get to the palace. eg. Joseph’s reward for interpreting pharaoh’s dream, David’s reward for killing goliath…) Success is attracted by whom you become more than by what you have; it is not pursued.

3. RELATIONSHIPS: Amos 3 vs 3: “Do two walk together except they make an appointment and have agreed?” (AMP)

Agree here means compatible. The command, “Be Fruitful” also means “Be Relational” because Everything multiplies on the basis of relationship. The relationship between a man and his wife brings a child. The relationship between you and the Holy Spirit brings the anointing. The relationship between you and the Word of God brings Understanding.

Relationships are advantageous connections. There is an intelligence that has to do with managing relationships, many Christians do not understand this but unbelievers do. It is dangerous for you to not have covenant relationships. The primary goal of Lifting is to Build relationships not Acquisitions, that is tertiary because according to the Law of Times and Seasons, it will not always be so we must trap our liftings. Have relationships with those who are rising more than those who have risen. People only remember those who were at their infancy more than those who just came to eat with them.

Never allow circumstances to dictate your relationships rather allow the Holy Spirit. Don’t give people two minutes of your time and two years worth of trouble and expect them to remain with you, they will love you but put you in a group and leave you there quietly.

Swallow your pride and pay the price to keep those who love you for who you are because not everyone has time for you. When God lifts you, obtain the Grace to see the people who love you sincerely because in good times, we have short memory.

The real proof of friendship is in death.

4. PRAYER: Everything has riches but favor brings it to whom God gives, eg. Gold from Egyptians to Israelites, money from fishes.

5. THE ESTHER ANOINTING: The grace for favor can be imparted.

Esther 2 vs 15: “Now when the turn for Esther the daughter of Abihail, the uncle of Mordecai who had taken her as his own daughter, had come to go in to the king, she required nothing but what Hegai the king’s attendant, the keeper of the women, suggested. And Esther won favor in the sight of All who saw her.” (AMP)

May The Lord Bless You Richly… Amen

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Thank you so much for investing your time in reading this, I hope you were blessed?

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