Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb
That was Slain
Gory Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah
Praise the Lord!

Holy, Holy is the Lamb
Holy, Holy is the Lamb
Holy, Holy is the Lamb
That was Slain
Gory Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah
Praise the Lord!

Jesus, Jesus is the Lamb
Jesus, Jesus is the Lamb
Jesus, Jesus is the Lamb

That was Slain
Gory Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah
Praise the Lord!






King of Glory we worship You.

The One who says let there be Peace and there was Peace we bow before You.

Today, like never before; Please be Glorified.

And in all our lives; Father, let there be Peace: In our families, let there be Peace; in Your Church, let there be Peace; in our Nation, let there be Peace; all over the world Father, send back Your Peace.

Thank You Almighty God. For in Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Well, let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

We want to look at Philippians 4: 4-7. It says:

4. Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say Rejoice.

*Preambles: You are to rejoice in who? – God. And you are to rejoice always because the Lord is Constant and your Joy will be Constant.*

5. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.

6. Be careful for nothing *(Preamble: That is the old was of saying don’t worry about anything)*; but in every thing by Prayer and Supplication with Thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God.

7. And the Peace of God, which Passeth all Understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

*Peace is in Degrees, in Categories:*

Category 1: No Peace or Absence of Peace

Category 2: “Ordinary Peace”

Category 3: “Great Peace”

Category 4: “All-Round Peace”

Category 5: “Peace Like a River”

Category 6: “Peace of God that Passes All Understanding”

Our God is a “God of Peace” – Hebrews 13:20 says that: *”He is the God of Peace”*.

Our Lord and Saviour – The Lord Jesus Christ Himself is called: *”The Prince of Peace”* – Isaiah 9:6.

When He was born on Earth and the Angels came to sing. When the Host of Heaven gathered to announce His Birth; they sang: *PEACE ON EARTH*

And in John 14:27; He said: Peace I leave with you; My Peace I give unto you.

1. That tells you straight away: You can have everything but if you don’t have “The Prince of Peace”; you won’t know the meaning of Peace.

Oh, I have told you the story of a friend of mine who was extremely wealthy that by the time of his death in far away Australia he had more than two hundred and fifty Million Dollars ($250,000,000) – That will tell you how rich he was.

But he had “No Peace” because when the Lord sent me to him and we were discussing – He told me that every time he closes his eyes to sleep; he will find himself among dead people – People with half hands, broken bodies; People who has died years before.

… And so, he is always afraid to sleep.

When you give your life to Jesus Christ; that is when Peace steps in.

2. Then there is “Great Peace”.

Psalms 119:165 says: They that love the Law of the Lord; Great Peace have they. And that nothing shall offend them.

… Nothing shall offend them means: Nothing shall worry them and they won’t be bothered by anything at all.

In Isaiah 54:13; the Almighty God says: Because you are going to teach your children the “Way of the Lord”; then Peace (“Great Peace”) shall be given unto them.

That is: Your children too, not only you – Provided you bring your children up in the “Way of the Lord”; your children will enjoy “Great Peace”.

For example: In Genesis 18: 17-19; the Almighty God said – I know Abraham; he is going to bring up his children in the “Way of the Lord”.

Which is what Abraham did.

Which will explain the kind of Peace that Isaac had in Genesis 22: 1-18.

How do we know that this boy was taught in the “Way of the Lord”?

When they were climbing the Mountain when he is going to be Sacrificed; he said to the father: I can see the wood, I can see the fire; where is the lamb?

That boy knows that you need something for the Sacrifice.

And then they got to the top of the Hill and the father began to bind him, to lay him on the Altar – This boy has a Peace you cannot describe

Because he was young, he was strong, he could outrun the father – The father was well over one hundred (100) Years old.

But he has “Total Peace” “Great Peace” that only the children who has been brought up in the “Way of the Lord” can ever have.

I can remember years ago when I first moved to this Camp – The Redemption Camp; our neighbours were Pythons and there were many of them. I mean we were killing them at regular intervals. Even I kill one with my Walking Stick when going for Prayer Walk. This was also the Headquarters of Highway Robbers.

And yet when I decided to leave Mushin (A low income Living Part of Lagos State Nigeria) to come here (The Redemption Camp in Ogun State Nigeria) and then we had a little bit of argument because my wife felt that leaving Mushin (A low income Living Part of Lagos State Nigeria) to come to this Bush (Redemption Camp was a thick Bush then) is like leaving frying Pan for fire.

For the first (1st) time in our lives and the only time in our Marriage; we became Democratic – Laughs.

We brought the children together and said: Let us Vote. All those who are in favour of us going to the Redemption Camp say Yes. And they all said Yes and I joined their Yes and we moved in here (Redemption Camp).

They said Yes because they just felt that: If daddy is going there; daddy will take good care of us. And in any case; we will have opportunity to ride bicycles that we can’t ride in Mushin.

3. And then there is what we called: “Multiplied Peace”.

In the olden days, when the King wants to greet his Subjects. He starts by saying: *Peace be Multiplied Unto You!* – That is a “Royal Greetings”.

In Daniel 4:1; Nebuchadnezzar was writing to the People and said: All the People, my Subjects: *Peace be Multiplied Unto You*.

In Daniel 6:25; when King Dairus was writing to all his Subjects; he started by saying: *Peace be Multiplied Unto You*.

And when Peter was writing his letters – Because he was an Elder state man – He was as it were a King among Christians then. He said again and again: *Peace be Multiplied Unto You* – 1 Peter 1:2 and 2 Peter 1:2.

In other words; if you already has Peace and I believed that by now some of you has come to the conclusion that there is nothing to worry about – *OH YES FOR THE DMC FAMILY MEMBERS!*

I Pray today that your Peace will be Multiplied – A Resounding Amen for DMC Members.

I remembered one occasion I was travelling from Britain to Nigeria and there was a Great Man of God and his wife in the same Plane.

According to his Testimony which we heard later on: He told his wife Daddy GO is in the Plane, nothing to worry about.

But then, as we were halfway through the journey; we ran into some very serious Turbulence and the Plane was jumping up and down.

Then he said he got up, looked at where I was and found that I was fast asleep. Oh, he returned and told his wife nothing to worry about – Daddy is sleeping.

… He said that: His “Great Peace” was Multiplied.

I Pray for all of you; whatever may be the Level of your Peace – May that Peace be Multiplied in Jesus Name.

4. And then there is what is called: “All-Round Peace”.

I. Peace Physical – Exodus 15:26 made it clear that you could be completely free of every sicknesses, of every diseases because the Lord will be your Physician.

II. Peace Material – Psalms 92: 12-15; the Bible says that: The Righteous shall flourish like a Palm Tree.

He won’t have to worry anything at all about Material Things. After all, it is written: My God shall supply all your Needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus – Philippians 4:19.

IIi. Peace Spiritual.

If you read the story that we have mentioned again and again in Marks 5: 2-20; about the mad man of Gadarenes.

If any man has a storm that man has a storm because according to Bible Scholars; there are six thousand (6,000) demons in him.

But when the “Prince of Peace” came in suddenly, he has Peace – “Peace Spiritual”.

For example: In 1 Kings 4:24; the Bible says that Solomon has “Peace All-Round”.

At a time King goes to war every year; throughout the reign of Solomon there was not a single war.

Why? – Because God has made a Promise to his father in 1 Chronicles 22:9 – God has told David when they were discussing the issue of building a Temple for God.

And God said: No David. You can’t build a Temple for me because you have shed too much blood as a Warrior.

He said but a son will be born unto thee and he will be a “Man of Rest”.

He said that I will give him Rest from all his enemies. I will give “Peace and Quietness” unto Israel in his days.

When you talk of “All-Round Peace”; you look for somebody called Solomon:

I. Physically, the only time that he was sick was when he was about to die.

II. Materially, he was one of the richest man that ever lived.

III. Spiritually, the Bible says that God loved him.

I remembered very well one old man. I’m sure you have heard me talk about him.

Who came here when he was two (2) weeks to the age of eighty eight (88) Years old I think.

And he said that he has come to me for Prayers. And I said what about?

He said that when he was forty four (44) years old or so; a Prophet came to him and he Prophesied everything that will happened to him in details – How many houses he will build, how he will Prosper et cetera.

But he said that at the age of either eighty four (84) or eighty eight (88) years old – I can’t remembered clearly; he will die.

And that there are only two (2) weeks to go before that date will come. He said that is why he has come so that I could Pray for him and he will be ready to go.

I asked: Are you ready to go? – He said not really but the Prophet said and everything he has said come to Pass.

I smiled and I said that you just gave your life to Jesus Christ about two (2) years ago.

I mean if you will see his house in his town; if they don’t show you the way – if you enter into his house, you won’t find your way out. That was how big the house was.

After he gave his life to Jesus Christ, he came to build a Two-Bedroom Bungalow in the Redemption Camp here.

And apparently, as soon as he realised that the day was getting close; so he moved from his big house (somewhere nearby) to come and live here (Redemption Camp).

He said I am not afraid. What else do I want? I have been healthy, God has Prospered me and I know that I’m going to Heaven if I died.

… He said: I just want you to Pray for me so that my Passage will be easy.

He had “Peace All-Round” of course.

I told him: Sir, that Prophet must be a “Great Prophet” but by the Grace of God; a “Greater Prophet” is here. And as far as I am concerned; you are not going anywhere yet. Now that you Born Again and you want to serve God, you are not going anywhere yet.

That man, just few days before he turned one hundred (100) years; he sent for me and said: Please let me go (Laughter).

I said no problem. I myself, I have no intentions of living to one hundred (100) years old.

5. Then there is Peace that is like a River.

God said in Isaiah 48:18; He said: All thou harkened to my Commandments has your Peace be like a River.

… Peace that can Swim in.

In Isaiah 66: 12-13; He described that kind of Peace as the Peace a baby has when he has been crying and then the mother picks up the baby and give the baby breast to suck.

At that moment; it doesn’t matter what is going on around anywhere; the baby is at Peace. He knows he is secured.

That is the kind of Peace that Paul and Silas had when they were thrown into Prison in Acts 16: 16-34.

And they knew that death could be coming the following day but they were singing.

That is what is called “Peace like a River” – The kind of Peace that can sing in the Day of Trouble.

Why do you have this kind of Peace? – Because you have heard from God!

Usually, you have that kind of Peace because God has spoken to you.

In Acts 16: 9-10; God had sent a Messenger to Paul in a dream – Come over to Macedonia and help us.

He knew God sent him to Preach. So he went there to Preach and landed in Prison – He said no problem, I am still in His Perfect Will.

It is good to be able to hear from God.

And I’m decreeing to all of you who are my children (or reading now) that: That hearing ear (that ear that hears God); the Almighty God will give you – Amen to all DMC Members.

Because once you can hear from God; it doesn’t matter what is going on around you; you will be at Peace.

Look at me now: One Hundred Percent (100%) at Peace.

Why? – Because I have heard a little bit from my daddy: Don’t pay much attention to what the mockers are saying.

I am the one who heard it and I know what I heard. And because I have heard from him – Oh Lord God Almighty Peace.

I have heard from Him. Maybe I should say that to encourage you – I understand some People are mocking you that you trust everything your father says.

Like I told you: Just Pray for them!

Because He says they should laugh loud and clear for as long as they have the opportunity to laugh.

He said very soon, they will discovered that: He who laughs last, laughs best and laugh longest.

I have told some of you the story before: We were going to Heathrow Airport (The name of the Airport in England) in our blessed Nigeria Airways of blessed Memory.

And we got to Heathrow (The name of the Airport in England) and they asked us to fasten our seat belts. We did.

And then suddenly, the Captain came and said well Ladies and Gentlemen, we had a little Problem.

What is the Problem?

He said that the “Landing Gear” of the Plane has refused to come out – That is the little problem.

I was traveling in First (1st) Class – someone bought the ticket for me.

And all the great men – High and Mighty there. That day I saw that the rich People don’t want to die.

There was commotion all over the Place: There was a woman sitting behind me and saying – Oh God, I’m going to London to take care of my grandchild o – Nobody asked her.

And there was a man there who has a Walking Stick made of Gold and the Handle was encrypted with Diamond. And he has been going to the toilet regularly just to show us the Walking Stick.

Now, when we heard what the Pilot said; this time he really wanted to go to the toilet (Laughs). He got up and the Air Hostess said: Sit down please! He said who said so? – Laughs!

I will tell you the Truth too – I was troubled: Lord when I was saying goodbye to my children last night; you didn’t me this will be my last Flight?

And then I heard Him say: No, don’t worry yourself. I want to talk to you and I need to talk to you before you land. As soon as you get down; they won’t let you listen to me.

Ah, I just sat down sluggishly by the window, listening to my Father.

And there was pandemonium all around me. I was “Cool as a Cucumber“.

The pandemonium became intensified when the Pilot came back and said: Ladies and Gentlemen, calm down. After all you know that the Fire Fighter in Heathrow are very efficient.

Eh!, Fire Fighter? – Laughter.

You mean we are going to catch fire?

And for forty five (45) minutes; the Plane was going round and round and round. And I was enjoying my Lord.

When we finished talking; suddenly the Gear came out.

… When you have heard from God, you can enjoy the kind of Peace – That Peace is called: *”PEACE LIKE A RIVER”*

6. Then there is even a Peace that is Greater than that. The Bible calls it: “The Peace of God that Passes all Understanding

The kind of Peace that you don’t have a way of explaining it – That you will find in the Bible Text that I read to you in Philippians 4:7 (The Peace of God that Passes all Understanding).

*Usually, this kind of Peace is based on Past Experiences.*

I will give you just one example – Acts 12: 5-11.

They were going to kill Peter the following morning but he was fast asleep.

He wasn’t Singing and Praying like Paul and Silas – No, no, no. My friend was fast asleep that the Angel has to smith him to wake him up – Oga (This man) this sleep is too deep, wake up.

All the time he was waking him up and he was getting dressed; he thought it was a dream.

How can somebody has that kind of Peace in that kind of crises?

Hey, it was because of Past Experience.

In Acts 5: 17-25; Peter has been imprisoned before and God got him out and the doors were left untouched.

So, he wasn’t worry: If He got me out before, He will get me out again.

I mean because he knows that the God he is serving is a God who has the Keys of David.

According to Revelation 3: 7-8; the Lord Jesus Christ said: I have the Keys of David; when I open no man can shut; when I shut no man can open.

If you have experienced this God before; if He has taken you through storms before then you can have the “Peace of God that Passes all Understanding”.

I will remind you again of one story, some of you have heard it before.

We were travelling to London this time in British Airways and I was travelling Economy Class.

And those of you who travel Economy Class you know very well that the food they give you is not much. Maybe that is why they probably give you plenty of coke to shock it. And I was a hungry young man.

Just as we took off from Lagos; they set the table and brought their little food to us.

And then the Captain said: Well, this is your Captain. By the time we get to Heathrow, there will be a storm but don’t worry we will manage to land.

As soon as he said that; the man next to me froze – He didn’t touch his food.

For me, I finished my food quickly. Then I looked at him and said: Sir, are you not eating?

He was surprised because all the time that I was eating, he was looking at me with one corner, corner eyes.

He said: You speak English? I said Yes sir.

You heard what the Pilot said? I said Yes sir!

I said: You are not eating? He said No.

Then I said: Can i?

So, I took his plate and pass my own to him; finished the food and went to sleep.

When we get to Heathrow (The name of the Airport in England); the Pilot came back and said: Well, Ladies and Gentlemen; the weather boys has deceived us. The storm they said will be in London is actually going to be in Scotland.

I looked at my friend – I laughed, he laughed. We are laughing for different reasons.

I was laughing because there is nothing he can do to get his food back.

But how do I have the Peace that Passes all Understanding?

Because He has done it before and He will do it again.

So, one more time: I’m telling you my children – RELAX, ALL IS GOING TO BE WELL!

All you should do today is to Praise Him with all your hearts. Thank Him because you belong to Him at a time like this!

In Closing; in Isaiah 48:22; God said in His Words loud and clear: There is No Peace to the wicked saith the Lord – No Peace.

If you are not one of His children and you are Praying for Peace?

Unless the Words of God is no longer settled. But I know that it is settled.

… He said: No Peace to the wicked.

However, He made a room for you in Matthew 11: 28-30. He said: Come to Me all you that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

If you come to Him today; you too will begin to enjoy the Peace.

And very soon, as you begin to obey Him, your Peace will become “Great Peace”. As you begin to follow Him and do His Will, your Peace will become Multiplied. And before you know it, you have “Peace All-Round” – Body, Soul and Spirit. And then you will soon begin to enjoy “Peace Like a River”.

And very soon, your neighbour will look at you and say: How can you be so cool at a time like this. Then you will tell them: I have “Peace that Passes all Understanding”.


So, where you are now in your various homes; I will want you to bow your heads.

If you have not yet to give your life to Jesus Christ; I will encourage you to do so now. Because if you taste the Lord; you will see that the Lord is Good.

You give your life to Him and you suddenly discovered that you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

So, I’m going to Pray for all of you where you are.

And if you are giving your life to Jesus Christ now; make sure you find one way or the other to get your name and address across to me so that we can keep on Praying for you.

… Let us Pray!


Prince of Peace I want to Thank You.

From the bottom of my heart I want to Thank You for moving me from Peace to “Great Peace”; to “Multiplied Peace”; to “All-Round Peace”; to “Peace Like a River” and to “Peace Beyond Understanding”.

Now, I want to Thank You because You Promised that You will extend that Peace to my children – Please accept my Thanks in Jesus Name.

Lord, fulfill Your Promise. Let Your children have absolute Peace and let them serve You forever.

Thank You Almighty God.

And for those who are surrendering their lives to You today; Please receive them, wash them clean and make them members of Your family.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord!!!

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