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There is somebody here today who is going to go home completely whole in Jesus name. Amen

What is a Divine Encounter?
It simply means a collision between the Almighty and you.

A collision between the one who made you for His pleasure and you.

The best way to define divine encounter is that God coming one way and you coming in another way and you collide. There is no way the Almighty will collide with you and you remain the same.

Luke 7:11-15
(A widow who was going to bury her only son who had died, the crowd followed her, going to burial ground on the other side, the Lord Jesus Christ had a crowd following Him, at the middle of the street the two crowd collided and something special happened. As soon as they collided, the people carrying the dead stopped and Jesus said to the woman weep not.

In the name of Jesus Christ, from now on, you will never weep again.

Jesus touched the coffin and the boy that was dead jumped up, the people who were weeping, began to shout for Joy.

I pray for someone here today, before this day is out, somebody will shout for Joy. Amen

When the Almighty collided with even death, death had to surrender. When the one in whose presence there is the fullness of joy collides with where there is fullness of sorrow, sorrow must yield.

Talking about You
Jeremiah 32:27 (He is the God of all flesh, your case is not impossible for Him) the one who made you is asking you a question, is your case too hard for me?

When the supernatural collide with the natural, the natural must surrender.

Today the one who made you is going to meet you by the road side and He is going to say to you, I made you for my pleasure, I made you to function. Amen

Have you any problems with your hands, the one who made you will say to you I made your hands to clap. Psalm 47:1 (clap your hands all ye people) that is why in Mark 3:1-5 (Jesus met with the man with withered hands, the hands were withered and paralysed and immediately the hands were made whole)

Speak by Faith to your Hands;
My hands you are made to clap for Joy, hands clap, that’s why my maker made you.

For the rest of your life in the name that is above every other name, you will be clapping for Joy. Amen

Psalm 149:3 (God made your legs to dance, your legs re to praise Him in the dance. Therefore your legs has no reason to be cripple or sick, God made your leg so you can dance.) that’s why in
Acts 3:1-11 (When the Almighty God saw a man who was cripple by birth, He spoke a word and immediately the leg straighten out and the man begin to walk and to leap and to praise God)

Today in the name that is above every other name, you will command your legs, Legs you are to dance, you are not to be cripple, from now on, I will dance, I will praise God, my leg will walk, my legs will jump, my legs will praise God. Halleluyah

Psalm 47:1
The reason why He made your mouth is to shout for Joy.

Psalm 89;1, your mouth is made to sing of the mercies of the Lord, your mouth is made to testify of His goodness.

Tonight you are going to speak to your mouth, even those who are dumb, a breakthrough is coming to you now. Amen

Mark 7;32-37, when a dumb man was brought to Jesus, he was dumb and deaf, Jesus responded that He made this fellow to shout and to hear and He corrected it and to begin to function, and immediately he began to hear, he began to shout.

From now on, those of you watching by sign, very soon you will be shouting. Amen

Psalm 19:1, The reason why He made your eyes are to see and not to be blind. Your eyes are to see clearly so that you can behold His glory. He made your eyes so that your eyes could see that’s why in John 9:1-7 (the blind man who was born blind didn’t ask for help, it is the owner who said He didn’t made Him to be blind, He made him to see and to see His glory.

I decree from now all of you who can not see,from this moment onward, receive your sight. Amen

If there is any sickness in any part of your body, leprosy, HIV aids, etc, the one who made you is along the way, He is about to collide with you.
Psalm 139:14 (He made you fearfully and wonderfully well) you are His very special design. He designed you so specially that His signature is in the hair on your head. He paid attention even to the hair on your head and He signed it.

Anything that is on your body that should not be there, tell your body hear the word of the Lord, God made me fearfully, He made me wonderfully, sickness you can’t stay in my body, He made me for the pleasure of the Almighty God, body hear the word of the Lord, no deformation allowed in my body. That’s is why you found in Mathew 8:1-4 (a leper who was deformed and the fellow came to Him, He touched the leper and immediately, the leper became clean)

Everything hibernating in your body that should not be there, everything that my father has not planted in you is going tonight in Jesus name. Amen

Genesis 1:26-29
Somebody is about to get a major breakthrough right now. Amen

After He made Man, He blessed them and turned to them and gave a decree;

Decree 1
Be fruitful. His pleasure is that you be fruitful.

If you are a woman and they are calling you barren, slap your womb and tell your womb and tell your womb that your are not barren, be fruitful because God made you to be fruitful and so shall it be in Jesus name. Amen

Every other thing in you, you heart, lungs, liver, kidney were made by God for His pleasure to bless Him. (Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His Holy name)

You are not allow to have heart attack, asthma, or lack of blood. Everything inside you were made to bless the name of the Lord.

Speak with boldness and say; Everything that is within me, from now on, bless the Lord, you are not allowed to be sick. Halleluyah.

Case study
Mark 5:25-34 (The story of the woman with the issue of blood). She was doing what every woman is expected to do to menstruate in preparation to be fruitful but the blood keeps flowing but the devil crept in and became physical bankrupt but one day she heard that Jesus was passing bye and made up her mind to have an encounter with her maker. There was a crowd round Jesus Christ, but she made up her mind that no crowd can stop her.

Mathew 11:12
She forced her way through the crowd and had an encounter with her maker and her sickness came to an end immediately. Tonight you are going to take your healing by force.
She didn’t pay attention to anyone looking, she forced her way through.

Jesus is passing by you now.

Go to Him by force, saying this very evening, I must have my complete healing, from my head to my toe, my eyes must see clearly, my ears must hear clearly, my brain must be working the way is supposed to work, my hand must be strong and ready to clap, my legs must be ready to jump and dance, from this moment onward everything is going to begin to praise God.

I command you body, hear the word of the Lord, you are made for His pleasure, continue to perform the function you are made for, my eyes continue to see, my ear continue to hear, my legs continue to jump and dance for the Lord, my hands you are not supposed to be withered, continue to clap for the Lord, every part of my body is made for the pleasure of the Almighty God. I will have my own encounter today, I will force my way through to the one who made heaven and earth, am tired of every ache and every pain, from this moment onward, I am going to be made whole, my legs is going to be strong, my hands are healthy, every part of my body is healthy and He is passing by me right now, I grab my healings and wholeness now, this very moment is my wholeness, I get my wholeness back now.

You must be whole because of an encounter with your maker but there are some of us He wants to have encounter with but we don’t want to. He said come unto me all ye that are labour and heavenly laden, I will give you rest. If you are yet to surrender to Jesus Christ, come now, you are not surrendering to any man but to your maker. Come now and show Him you want to have an encounter with Him and to be His child.
Ask Him to have mercy on you, ask Him to save your soul, ask Him to receive you and cleanse you by His blood, forgive your sin and promise Him from now on, you will never go back to your sin again.


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