We give God all the Glory and Praise. And we depend on Jesus this
night that He will do awesome things in the Redemption Camp and all
those who are watching (and reading) all over the world.
Tonight, every enemy of your soul shall be Silenced in the Name of
Jesus Christ.

OPENING PRAYER: Father we exalt you and we give you all the Glory.
As we go into your Word this night; we pray and we ask the Living
Father that you will breathe upon every hearer (reader) in the Name
of Jesus.
Grant us understanding. Open our hearts, open our eyes to behold
wondrous things out of your Words oh God. Silence every Mocker.
Give us the Victory.
Before tomorrow morning dawns my Father; let everyone here
(reading) be singing a Song of Victory.
We bless you. In Jesus matchless Name we have prayed.
This night, I want to thank the Lord my Saviour for giving me the
privilege to share the first message at the September, 2018 Holy
Ghost Service.
I trust that the Lord will meet every single one of us; He will surprise
us. And your testimony shall be LONG and SWEET, in the Name of
I thank God for my parents in the Lord; Daddy and Mummy GO: for
giving me this opportunity.
Our Theme this month is: SILENCING MOCKERS.
My TEXT is from 1 Samuel 2:1-8.
We will not be reading the passage. But, we are familiar with it.
And the passage reflects the Thanksgiving Prayer of Hannah; when
God Silenced ALL her Mockers.
So shall the Lord do for you in the Name of Jesus.
MOCKERY is a form of ridicule designed by the devil; using his
agents. With the purpose of humiliating a man.
No one wants to be humiliated. I don’t want to be humiliated. And am
sure that you do not want to be humiliated as well; especially over
things that you have no control over.
Things happen in this life:
– You do not have authority over how you were born; Or
– The circumstances of your birth; Or
– Where you live.
And for that purpose sometimes, issues of life make people to begin
to Mock you. And they scoff at you; and they scorn the God that you
But this night; as the choir sang: the God that you depend upon. The
God that you rely upon. He will show up for you in the Name of
The Bible describes Mockers as: Proud, Unrighteous and Foolish.
Proverbs 21:24
“Proud and haughty scorner is his name, who dealeth in proud wrath”.
And that’s why people may Mock you, disdain you, treat you with
contempt, ignore you, because of a particular condition or situation
in your life that is persistence and seems to be insolvable or
1. Let’s look at SPIRITUAL ISSUES: that may make you the target of
Daily you face challenges you cannot explain. It is like a pattern in
your family. Things are happening over generations. You have seen it
in the life of your grandfather; in the life of your father; in the lives of
your relatives.
And the devil is also bringing it into your life. And people are Mocking
you: the family of the poor; the family of the barren; the family of the
have-not; the family of the no good.
Today, that story is changing in the Name of Jesus.
2. It could be a PHYSICAL ISSUE: You are confronted with the
inability to have children.
And that could present itself itself in different ways;
– It could be persistent miscarriages;
– It could be stillbirth;
– It could be inability to even get pregnant at all;
– They may keep telling you: you have low sperm count; or
– Your womb cannot take children.
God is turning all such things around in the Name of Jesus.
3. For some people, the reason they are Mocked is FINANCIAL:
– Your business has never picked up.
– You have tried everything that every other person is doing.
– Other people are prospering. But when it gets to your turn; it either
collapses, in spite of your genuine effort; and you don’t have
something tangible to point at.
– You attend meetings; and you have something concrete; something
with wisdom to say; and people look at you and they say: “Let people
who are prospering talk first”.
– You are looking at yourself and you are saying: “Oh God, when will it
be my turn?”
Tonight is your turn for Mockers to be Silenced in the Name of Jesus.
4. It could be EMOTIONAL:
– No wife; No husband.
– All the girls you have spoken to all of them have said: NO. Or
– No man has ever approached you to say: “Will you marry me?”
– Maybe people keep disappointing you.
– You are involuntarily Single; yet people are asking: “When will it be
your turn to marry?”
God will wipe away your tears tonight; and He will Silenced every
Mocker in the Name of Jesus.
5. It could be MARITAL:
– When the peace and the harmony of your home is threatened;
– It looks like someone is coming to take over everything that you
have worked or laboured for.
The Lord will make space for you in your home. You will not be
unseated in the Name of Jesus.
6. It could be MINISTRY that you are being Mocked.
– You are doing everything that you know to do;
– You are doing the vigils;
You are preaching the Word;
You are praying; you are praising God.
But it seems like there is stagnation.
Tonight, there will be a turn around for you in the Name of Jesus.
1. The story of Hannah that we we mentioned in 1 Samuel chapter 1;
the Bible says it was the Lord that shut up her womb.
But she had a rival (an Agent of Satan, called Peninnah). And
Peninnah Mocked her; she provoked her.
Where are you going to turn to when people begin to provoke you?
And they begin to tell you: “your womb can never carry children”. It is
not meant for people like you. And they begin to tell you stories of
who never had children.
But tonight, as Hannah prayed; as you pray this night; there will be a
turning in the Heavenly concerning you, in the Name of Jesus.
… How do I know this?
It wasn’t the first time that Hannah would pray. But one day Hannah
prayed a prayer. That day is your day tonight.
Because her prayer was answered.
In 1 Samuel 1:11; Hannah said: “If you will look upon the AFFLICTION
of your daughter”.
You could also replace that word “Affliction” with the word “Mocker”.
And you are going to say tonight: Lord, of only you will take away the
shame and the disgrace and Mockery of your daughter (son).
That was Hannah’s prayer.
… And the same God who heard Hannah’s prayer will hear you tonight
in the Name of Jesus Christ (Amen).
How do I know this?
2. Last night, at the Holy Communion Service; Daddy told us: “as you
heard Pharaoh Mock the children of Israel of their seemingly
weakness and powerlessness. In the face of his oppression in Exodus
5:2 (in particular); Pharaoh said:
“And Pharaoh said, Who is the LORD, that I should obey his voice to
let Israel go? I know not the LORD, neither will I let Israel go”.
Every Mocker that has shown up is not against you; but against your
Pharaoh said: I don’t know the God and I won’t let you go.
Tonight: They will know your God and they will let you go. (Amen).
There will be a released; Mighty release in the realm of the Spirit in
the Name of Jesus.
How do I know?
3. King Hezekiah encountered a powerful and arrogant king called
SENNACHERIB; who Mocked Hezekiah and his God.
In 2 Kings 18:33-35 hear this Sennacherib boasting:
“Hath any of the gods of the nations delivered at all his land out of
the hand of the king of Assyria”?
And he ended it by saying: “… that the Lord should deliver Jerusalem
from my hand”.
He made the greatest mistake of his life; he classified the Lord of
Glory: who does not have a classmate, who is incomparable. The
Lord God Almighty. He compared Him to creation of other men’s
He said: “Who is the Lord who will deliver you”?
But our God is Great and Mighty. He is Omnipotent, He is
Omniscience, He is All -Powerful. There is nothing that our God
cannot do.
But the greatest of all; the fourth one that I see Mockery in the Word
of God:

Open Heaven 10 September 2018

4. They Mocked Jesus, our Saviour on the cross. They jeered at Him –
Herod and his men, the soldiers. They Mocked Him.
In Mark 15:29-31. I read to use verse 31-32
31. Likewise also the chief priests mocking said among themselves
with the scribes, He saved others; himself he cannot save.
32. Let Christ the King of Israel descend now from the cross, that we
may see and believe. And they that were crucified with him reviled
But tonight, I want us to know (if only they knew). They crucified
Jesus in weakness, but He rose up Triumphantly.
Death could not hold Him. The grave could not hold Him. He tore the
bars; He rose up from the grave and they where Silenced.
Jesus conquered death in Victory. He spoiled principalities and
powers; He made a public show of the defeat of Satan and his


I have Good News for you tonight:
– On your behalf, He silenced the boast of the enemy concerning you.
– He silenced the power of sin to humiliate and torment.
– He silenced sickness and disease and infirmity”. That is why you are
healed by His stripes
– He silenced barrenness. That is why you become fruitful. You will
conceive and carry your own children.
– He silenced failure. That is why you are granted good success in
your labours.
– He silenced poverty, because He is the El -Shaddai: “The Original
God of Plenty”. He bestowed prosperity.
– He silenced stagnation. That is why you are lifted above all barriers.
… And from tonight you are promoted to Glory in the Name of Jesus.
– Affliction of all types are silenced because Jesus rose from the
dead; He broke the gates of brass and cut the bars of iron asunder.
1. The weak are strengthened; according to 1 Samuel 2:4.
2. The poor becomes enriched; according to 1 Samuel 2:5.
3. Empty families become flourishing homes; according to 1 Samuel
And when God silences mockers;
4. There is advancement and promotion.
Psalm 75:6 “For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from
the west, nor from the south”.
It says: promotion, victory, exaltation, Silencing Mockers, does not
come from the north, south, east or west. But God is the Judge. He
lifts up one and sets down another.
And nobody can ask my Father “What He is doing”.
When it is your turn (and tonight is your turn); God is not going to
consult your Mockers: whether He should promote you or not.
Tonight is your Night of deliverance.
.. if you believe that shout AMEN!
In Psalm 68:1 the Bible says: “Let God arise, let His enemies be
… Every Mocker of your soul is an enemy of God.
The Bible says: “Let all also who hate Him flee before Him”.
While you are waiting for God to arise on your behalf; for the
manifestation to show up. There are things that you need to do.
Quickly, before we close tonight:
1. Your mouth must be enlarged in Praise. Hannah in 1 Samuel 2:1. In
Hannah’s song of Thanksgiving (in verse one (1) the song is there).
Hannah prayed and said: “My heart rejoices in the Lord”.
She began to exalt the Lord. And then she said: “My horn is exalted in
the Lord”: my mouth is enlarged.
Can we say: “My mouth is enlarged over my enemies because I
rejoice in thy Salvation”.
Another version (the New King James version) says:
“I smile at my enemies because they don’t know the Power of my
God: that very soon my story changes for good”.
She kept up the sweet spirit of Praise and Intercession.
… We didn’t read that she quarreled with Peninnah.
But she carried her matter to the Court of Heaven. She began to
Magnify the Lord.
Hannah experienced deliverance from the tongues of men. She
experienced Divine Help and her humiliation turned to Testimony in
the Name of Jesus.
No matter what yo do, never loose your Praise: Your gratitude to God
for who He is and for what He is able to accomplish in your life.
Make sure that you keep Praising God: “that in spite of my situation, I
know it’s going to change.” My God is not weak; my God is Awesome,
He can move Mountains. He can do the impossible. He can Silence
… Make sure “You never lose your Praise”.
Your Praise is important!
2. There was a man in the Bible, who was faced with incredible
Mockery. The man’s name is Nehemiah.
He had an Assignment from God to “Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem”.
… Maybe you have an assignment to: restore, to rebuild tonight.
And he was faced with incredible Mockery.
In Nehemiah 4:1-3; the Bible talks about Sanballat and Tobiah. And
they began to mlMock Nehemiah.
In fact, they said: “What are these feeble Jews doing”?
I may be weak, but my God is not weak. I may not know what to do,
but my God is All knowing. I might be tired, but my God is strong. I
may be poor, but my God is rich.
Can I hear your AMEN, tonight! (AMEN).
And in verse Nehemiah 4:3
“Now Tobiah the Ammonite was by him, and he said, Even that which
they build, if a fox go up, he shall even break down their stone wall”.
What a Mockery!
But Nehemiah refused to look at them; He refused to be discouraged.
What did Nehemiah do?
He prayed and focused on his Assignment.
No matter how you are being Mocked; “Focus on your Assignment”.
Don’t allow yourself to be distracted. Keep praying; because one day:
“They will not only see you; they will hear your Testimony” in the
name of Jesus Christ (Amen).
How do I know?
Because in fifty two (52) days; according to Nehemiah 6:15: “The
Walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt”. And God gave Nehemiah Victory
over the Mockers who had come to Mock Nehemiah and the
Assignment that God had given him.
Don’t allow people who are not going anywhere to remove your focus
from what God had assigned you to do and the blessings that God
had promised you.
3. Report every matter to God. Nothing is too small for our God. No
matter is too Big.
Hezekiah that we mentioned earlier, reported the matter to God.
In fact, “he carried the Letter to Church”.
You may have received the Doctor’s Report. You may have received a
Legal Notice. You may have received a Quit Notice;
“Carry that Letter to Church”.
Present it before God, like Hezekiah did in 2 Kings 19:14-16.
Hezekiah carried the Letter back to God and said: “Lord, it is you that
Sennacherib is Mocking; it is time for you to arise”.
And God heard; as God is going to hear one (1) person here tonight,
in the Name of Jesus… God heard and one certain night He sent only
one (1) Angel.
How many Angels? ONE (1) ANGEL
Just one (1) Angel, and in that one (1) night; the Angel of the Lord
destroyed One hundred and eighty five thousand (185,000) Soldiers of
Assyrian and SILENCED the Mockery of Sennacherib.
Every mockery against your life shall be Silenced in the Name of
4. You must keep up your Confession of Faith.
Paul said: “As we have believed, so we do speak”.
David, when Goliath came against him (I leave the story of David and
Goliath). When Goliath came against Israel; he Mocked Isreal.
While people were afraid, David focused on his God; he confessed his
faith; he confessed his ability in the God of wonders: to turn things
In 1 Samuel 17:41-47, Goliath disdained David.
Not only disdained David; he said: Are you not the servants of Saul
(but they were not only the servants of Saul)?
He Mocked David, because of his age and size. But David didn’t keep
Brethren, when Mockers are threatening you; that’s not the time to
keep quiet. That is not the time to go and hide. That is the time “To
Speak up”. Because your God will back you up.
I counted the number of words that Goliath spoke against David; “He
spoke forty (40) words”.
And when David was going to reply him; “David replied him with One
Hundred and Twenty Nine (129) words. – times three (3) words.
Always outspeak the devil. Don’t be quiet. Declare your faith. Declare
your trust. Declare your believe.
David said: “This day am going to cut off your head; am going to
feed ..(David didn’t have a sword, he didn’t have anything).
But he had the Power of God.
Do you have the Power of God tonight? As you speak, it will
happened? Because that is the Word of the Lord.
Stay in Faith! Declare boldly what you believe.
Because soon, you shall be singing and shouting and leaping and
praising God.
Because every Mocker will be Silenced; People who have laughed at
you: they will begin to laugh with you.
They will follow you to the Redemption Camp, because God will do
great things for you.
Tonight, it is time for us to pray.
…I want you to rise on your feet.
If tonight you believe the Word of God; you are going to pray tonight
and you are going to say:
Father, in every area I am being Mocked, ridiculed and disgraced;
show yourself Mighty; show yourself Strong. In the Name of Jesus
(Lift your voice and begin to pray).
Declare unto God; every area of my life: spiritually, physically,
mentally, emotionally. In my marriage, with my children.
My Father, in my finances, every area; Lord that they have said:
“there is no hope for him in God”. But Thou oh Lord, you are the
Shield for me; my Glory and the Lifter up of my head. Lord, let things
change for me.
Holy Father intervene in my situation. My Father wiped away my
tears. You showed up for Hannah, show yourself strong for me. You
showed up for Nehemiah, show up for me. You showed up for
Hezekiah, show up for me. You showed up for David; to cut off the
head of Goliath (the Mocker); my Father show up for me tonight.
It is time to show yourself strong. Lord have mercy upon me. Show
yourself strong. Turn things around.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed.
You are going to pray and say:
In the midst of this challenge (I don’t know what your challenge(s) is/
are). But every man has a secret battle that he is fighting.
In the midst of this challenge, my Father give me a “Song of Victory”
in the Name of Jesus. An undeniable Song of Victory.
In the midst of this challenge my Father, give me a Song of Victory.
As you put a Song of Victory in Hannah’s mouth; put a Song of
Victory in my mouth. Cause me to be dancing; cause me to be
rejoicing; cause me to be leaping in the Name of Jesus. Give me an
undeniable Testimony. Holy Father rise up for me in the Name of
Jesus. Let me begin to sing. Let people sing with me.
In the day that God turned away my captivity, I was like them that
dreamt. Then said they among the heathen: the Lord has done Mighty
things. Do mighty things for me. Turn my situation around. Grant me
Victory. Grant me success. Grant me Prosperity.
Give me a child oh God. Turn my business around. Let the Church of
God begin to flourish; let every stagnation be removed.
So shall it be in Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen!
Brethren, every single one of us; you have a Sanballat and a Tobiah
hanging around you. Mocking you; disdaining your efforts.
You are going to say tonight:
Father, every Sanballat and Tobiah Mocking me; Silence them tonight
Permanently and forever. Let there be no hiding place for them, in the
Name of Jesus.
Silence every Sanballat, every Tobiah Mocking me; Mocking my
Ministry; Mocking my Service unto you; Mocking my health; Mocking
the challenges of my life. Silence them; let there be no hiding place.
Lord, let Your Victory work for me. Lord, let Your Power work for me.
Silent every Sanballat, every Tobiah in the Name of Jesus.Turn their
counsel; like you turned the counsel of Ahitophel to foolishness. Turn
it to foolishness.
Thank You Father. Lord we bless Your Name. I have Victory in the
Name of Jesus. By the Blood of Jesus I have Victory. In the Name of
Jesus I have Victory. By the Word of God I have Victory. Thank You
our Father.
In Jesus Name we have prayed.
Father, we thank you. We bless your Name our Awesome God of
Power; our Awesome God of Mercy.
Lord God, when we are weak you are not weak. When we don’t know
what to do, you have all the answers.
Tonight oh God, we ask that you Silence every Mocker of your
children Permanently and forever, in the Name of Jesus.
Holy Father, that you will give everyone of us a Song of Victory. Put a
Testimony in our mouth. Cause our feet to begin to dance. Cause our
heart to rejoice. Because your Word says: when you turned around
the captivity of Zion, we were like then that dreamt; then said they
among the heathen: the Lord has done great things for us.
Lord we believe that tonight You will do great things in this Assembly
in the Name of Jesus.
And Lord, before the end of this September 2018; before this
September is over; every single one of us will have Testimonies of
Joy, of Victory, of Success, of Breakthrough in the Name of Jesus we
have prayed – Amen!
You may please be seated.


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