Text : Number 31:49 and John 6:39a&b

Confession : My Children shall bring happiness to me and your Glorious Name, they shall be signs and wonders according to your Word in Jesus Name!

Rededicate your life to Him if need be before you go ahead with these Prayers – Say Jesus, The son of David Please have mercy on me…

Say Father, I cover all the Children You have given and the ones You will still give them by the blood of Jesus!

Say Father, We rededicate all our Children on this platform to You this day- sanctify them so they can be worthy to abide under your Shadow in Jesus Name!

Say Father, in Agreement As Parents- we decree and declare, None of our children shall be missing in Jesus Name

Say Father, on daily basis as we arise in the morning- let our Children continue to surround our tables with songs of joy in Jesus Name

Say Father, deliver all our Children from the list of Untimely death- we shall not mourn or cast our Youngs in Jesus Name

Say Father, Turn all our Children your Ark of Covenant henceforth- No kidnapper should see them or tamper with their lives in Jesus Name

Father, remember everyone who desires to have Children this season and by this time next year let there babies be with them in Jesus Name

Say Father, exposed and destroy every evil plans of against our Children right now in Jesus Name!

Say O Bread of life- feed All our Children with long life and good health in Jesus Name!

Begin to Decree and decree what You want to be seeing in the lives of your Children…

You will Testify in Jesus Name!



  1. Amen!Amen and Amen,my burden bearer has lifted up my burdens now I’m free hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah Amen Amen

    • Amen and Amen, Thank you Lord for remembering mothers in prayer, May our children be a source of joy unto us and unto the Lord in Jesus name , Amen

    • AMEN IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME Mofeoluwa, his siblings to follow and all his cousins IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. Daddy strengthen your son and remove fear let him stand up and walk IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. Deliver news from all sicknesses and tear away clothes of mourning and death from my body in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. I jump and pass every evil IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

  2. Powerful prayers, God will attend to our prayers in Jesus name.
    We will come back here to testify.
    Thank you & God bless.

    • Amen IJMN! Thank you OHD Team and Pastor Adeboye for this great day of prayers for us all and especially for Mothers and Mothers to be. God bless you and us all IJMN. ????

  3. In Jesus Christ Name I have prayed amen!!! I shall return with mighty testimonies very very soon in Jesus Christ Name amen!

  4. Amen. It shall come to pass as I have decreed, in JESUS name. May the LORD bless and prosper the works of your hands OHD team, in JESUS name. Amen.

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