1.I worship and adore You, my Father, because You’re able to keep the feet of Your saints from falling, and make the enemies to be silent in darkness.

2.Father, in anyway I have fallen short of your glory, please, have mercy and forgive me, in Jesus’ name.

3.Father, fill me to the brim with Your Holy Spirit and empower me to follow his leading, counsels and guidance, at all times, in Jesus’ name.

4.Father, give me the grace never to walk in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful, in Jesus’ name.

5.Father, let me be well grounded in Your word, that I may be able to recognise and reject evil counsels, that do not reflect Your Will, in Jesus’ name.

6.Father, deliver our children and the youths of today, from falling victim of peer pressure and enticement, to commit sin or do evil, in Jesus’ name.

7.Father, let every unwanted happenings be taken far away from me beyond my thinking and let me have cause to give you all the praise in Jesus name

8.Father, let your host of angel surround all that I will be doing and never let me be at the wrong place at the wrong time in Jesus name

9.Father, uphold me by Your right hand of righteousness, till the end; give me the grace to recognize and avoid every trap of the devil, in Jesus’ name.

10.I reject every bait being dangled before me, by the devil, to lure me into evil, and compromise my faith in God, in Jesus’ name.

11.Heavenly father, let the fire of your word burn inside of me and let me always yield to your will for me in Jesus name

12.Holy Spirit fill me afresh and guide all that I do beyond my imagination in Jesus name

13.Lord henceforth let my life emulate you always and let the fruit of the spirit manifest daily in me in Jesus name

14.Father, terminate the attributes of works of the flesh that keeps me far from your will in all aspect of my life in Jesus name

15.Lord almighty let me be a good example of believer in Christ and through me let souls come to you in Jesus name

16.Almighty God let your mercy speak for me even in places that the law of men says otherwise in Jesus name

17.Father, lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil; let Your Holy Spirit take complete and total dominion, over my life and destiny, in Jesus’ name.

18.Father, bless your son, Pastor E.A.Adeboye; do not allow the enemies to prevail over his life. and ministry, in Jesus’ name.

19.Father, bless the OHD Team, that You have been using to prepare these prayer points, beyond measures, and all those who have been rebroadcasting them, in Jesus’ name.

20.Father, let every challenge, hindrance and obstacle of getting these prayer points across to Your children, timely, and on daily basis be removed, in Jesus’ name.

21.Your Personal petitions.
( Philippians 4:6)

22.In Jesus’ name I pray.
(John 14:13-14; 15:16)

23.Thank you Father for answered prayers.
(1 Thessalonians 5:18).


These prayers have no expiry date! Please, pray them, irrespective of the time they get to you. Remain blessed, in Jesus’ name.


  1. Remain steadfast in the Lord. God will reward you because He is faithful and never a debtor to anyone.Remain blessed and a blessing to others in Jesus name, amen.

  2. Thank you ABBA Father for delivering me and all my LOVED ONES from every form of bondage, backwardness and retrogression IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. Thank you Daddy for taking us to our rightful place IN destiny and in Christ JESUS. Thank you for bringing us out of our Egypt and taking us all to our Canaan land to dwell forever IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME

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