Prayer Points on Today’s Open Heavens: (Tuesday, September 18, 2018) – Custodians Of The Master Key

Prayer Points on Today’s Open Heavens: (Tuesday, September 18, 2018) – Custodians Of The Master Key

1.Thank you father, for the grace to believe in you, and the honor to be called your son.

2.Thank you father, for leaving all your glory in heaven, to take the form of mortal man, in order to save me from eternal damnation. Click To Read – Open Heaven 19 September 2018

3.Thank you father, for first loving me, in that while I was yet a sinner, you gave your only begotten son, to die for me.

4. I thank you father for your faithfulness and unfailing promises over my life.

5. Father, in anyway I have fallen short of your glory, please, have mercy and forgive me, in Jesus’ name.

6. Father, I shut the door of sorrow the enemy had opened against me and open the door of safety and celebration that has been shut against me, in Jesus’ name.

7. Lord, Jesus please, come into my life (afresh), and destroy every satanic yoke upon my life and destiny, in Jesus’ name.

8.Father, without you, I can do nothing; please let no power or situation be able to separate me from your love, in Jesus’ name. Click To Read – Open Heaven 20 September 2018

9.Father, I collect any key in the hands of the enemy use to manipulate evil against me, my family, my business and my career, in Jesus’ name.

10.Father, let your steadfast love and mercies never cease or come to an end in my life; let them be renewed daily, in Jesus’ name.

11.Father, let Your presence and love never depart from Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the author of the open heavens daily devotional and general overseer of RCCG, in Jesus’ name.

12.Your Personal petitions.
( Philippians 4:6)
13.In Jesus’ name I pray.
(John 14:13-14; 15:16)
14.Thank you Father for answered prayers.
(1 Thessalonians 5:18).

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