DAILY PERSONAL CONFESSION: I am filled with divine ability to go from glory to glory. I soar higher and higher by day into the level of possibility. Glory to God, Hallelujah!






Almighty Father, the only reliable God I worship You

King of kings, I magnify Your name and give thanks to You for privilege to see another day and a new week for the month of March 2020

Lord eternal, thank You for the forgiveness of sin and Your blood shed for my salvation

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your word that daily lives in me

Today is our daddy’s birthday. Please pray for Pastor E. A Adeboye, that the Lord should pour fresh oil on him and enlarge his coast, in the name of Jesus

Lord eternal, direct my path and all my thoughts and never let me depend on myself alone, in the name of Jesus

Lord Jesus, concerning all I have purposed in my heart for this month, crown it with victory, in Jesus name

Holy spirit fill me daily with your unfailing and ever reliable love that surpass that of an ordinary man, in the name of Jesus

Lord Jesus, no matter what challenges of life come near me let me always overcome victoriously, in the name of Jesus

Father, let the dew in my life keep making me fresh and anew, in the name of Jesus

Father please, let every dry situation around my life and household receive Your oil to come afresh, in the name of Jesus

God almighty, let my life be always drawn to your precepts even when life is making me kick against it, in the name of Jesus

Glorious God, fill my mouth with Testimony beyond my human comprehension henceforth, in the name of Jesus

Father, concerning my country, let your peace reign and let our nation be secured in your protection always, in the name of Jesus

Father, through this Online Christian platform, you shall bring many to Christ for the salvation of their souls, in the name of Jesus

Father, bless your son, Pastor E.A.Adeboye, and do not allow the gates of hell to prevail over his life and ministry, in Jesus’ name.

Father, bless the intercessory team, that You have been using to prepare these prayer points, beyond measures, and all those who have been rebroadcasting them, in Jesus’ name.

Father, let every challenge, hindrance and obstacle of getting these prayer points across to Your children, timely, and on daily basis be removed, in Jesus’ name.

Your Personal petitions.
( Philippians 4:6)

In Jesus’ name I pray.
(John 14:13-14; 15:16)

Thank you Father for answered prayers.
(1 Thessalonians 5:18).



  1. Happy happy birthday precious Daddy GO. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over you and yours even as I pray for eternal fresh anointing over you. I wish you everlasting refreshing and I also thank you for bringing me to the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and changing my entire life completely. Once again, happy birthday Sir!!!

    • Happy birthday daddy. The Lord shall pour fresh oil on you and enlarge your coast in Jesus name. Greater strength like never in Jesus name!

      • Age gracefully Daddy, your horn shall God exalt like that of an unicorn…..Receive fresh oil to finish well and strong in Jesus mighty name, HBD sir.

    • Happy birthday Daddy. Many happy returns and more years of celebration. Almighty God will continue to pour his fresh oil and anointing in your life that all the great things you have achieved in the past will be small compared to the new exploits he will do in your life now in Jesus name, Amen.

    • Happy birthday daddy, your oil of anointing will never dry. In your old age, you will continue to bear good fruits in the kingdom of God. You will not miss your rewards in heaven. Fresh oil and fresh fire into your bones. We love you sir

    • Happy birthday daddy,God bless you and continue to anoint you afresh
      May God continue to enlarge your coast and fulfil all of your heart desires,in Jesus name

    • Happy birthday day dearest daddy, your eyes shall never be dim, neither shall your strength be abated sir, as you go all over the world sir proclaiming the saving love of Jesus Christ, you’re strengthened especially in the physical and spiritual also sir IJMN

  2. Happy 78thBirthday to Up Daddy Coach! May your Oil of Anointing be continually refreshed in JMName. Amen.

    • Happy birthday Daddy E A Adeboye. May Almighty God bless your new age, may He give you more fresh oil, may you end well. God will bless you with good health. In Jesus name Amen.


  3. Happy birthday daddy, the fresh oil upon you will continually be renewed. In Jesus Christ name.Amen

  4. Happy birthday Daddy, may the Lord continue to bless you and grant unto you fresh oil for greater impact ijn. You shall serve the Lord to the end and finish well and strong ijn. Igba odun, odun kan ni loruko Jesu

    • Happy birthday day dearest daddy, your eyes shall never be dim, neither shall your strength be abated sir, as you go all over the world sir proclaiming the saving love of Jesus Christ, you’re strengthened especially in the physical and spiritual also sir IJMN

  5. Happy bday to Daddy Adeboye,May the fresh oil of God never dry up in your life,may u continue to do greater exploits in Jesus name.Amen.

  6. Happy Birthday to my daddy. The Lord will pour fresh oil on you sir. Fresh unction and New Level of higher Glory shall it be from today and forever in Jesus Name. Thank you Daddy, for your regular blessings to us.

  7. Happy birthday Daddy, may the God of heaven and earth continue to bless, protect, guide, and lift you higher and more higher in Jesus name. Amen

  8. Happy birthday to Daddy Adeboye ,,may you continue to do greater exploits for the kingdom of God in Jesus name…may God pour his fresh oil on you and your household in Jesus name.. Amen congrats sir.

  9. Happy birthday to daddy Adeboye, I pray that God almighty shall annoint him a fresh with auction to function more for God’s glory in Jesus name. In the journey of live he shall not be wounded with his family in Jesus name. Once more happy birthday sir

  10. Happy birthday Daddy GO!!! I pray for fresh oil upon your life, I pray that the Lord grant you all your heart desires in Jesus name, Amen. Live longer and longer in Jesus name, Amen. We love you Sir

  11. Happy Birthday Big Daddy. The Lord will continue to enlarge your coast IJMN. congratulations

  12. Happy birthday to a father whose life is worthy of emulation. You have being a great impact on the world @ large and a source of inspiration to many. I pray as you celebrate today, your strength shall be renewed, new oil shall flow, you’ll do more exploits greater than the ones you have done before.

    God will continue to bless and uphold you and yours. The heart desires will come to pass and the gates of hell will not prevail.
    We love you Daddy. Do have a fabulous year ahead.

  13. Daddy, as you celebrate your 78th birthday today, the Lord will renew your strength . You will not fall or weary in Jesus name.Amen

  14. Happy birthday to you dear Daddy. May God keep keeping you strong and healthy. May His fresh oil come upon you anew and grant you renewed strength and ability to do more exploits for the kingdom . In jesus name. amen

  15. Happy birthday Daddy. Father please pour a fresh oil on our Daddy and enlarge his coast in Jesus name.

  16. Happy birthday Sir, may your light never go dim in Jesus mighty name. Thank you for the positive impact you are making in this generation.

  17. Happy birthday father of many nation. May your anointing never run dry and God will you strength even to the last day. Enjoy your day daddy.

  18. Happy Birthday Daddy, you are a blessing to this Generation, you will continue to remain relevant in Jesus Name, Fresh Anointing in Jesus Name, Fresh Daily Dew in Your life and Ministry in Jesus Name.
    I love you Daddy
    Wish to see you soon

  19. Happy birthday Daddy G.O I pray for fresh oil over your life and all that is yours in the matchless Name of Jesus Christ as you add another year today Sir the Lord will open up new chapters, new pages, new doors great and effectual in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Daddy it shall be well with you and yours and you shall finish well and strong in Jesus Name. Happy birthday Sir.

  20. Happy birthday to our Daddy in Christ. May His Fresh Oil upon your life, Family and Ministry never run dry In Jesus name, Amen.


  22. Happy Birthday daddy GO, Dear lord please pour fresh oil on our Big daddy Enoch Adeboye Adejare ‘a head ;the great things he has achieved in the past will be small compared to the new exploits you will do in his life from now in jesus name Amen.
    Happy birthday sir.

  23. Happy birthday Daddy GO, I pray for the continuous pouring of the fresh anointing of God upon your life.

  24. Happy birthday to you our daddy,good health and joy unspeakable in your new year in Jesus name

  25. Happy birthday daddy, may the Lord continue to refresh your life and ministry with the dew of heaven. Your life will never lack the freshness of the almighty. God. May your year be more glorious in all ramifications than all the years you have seen so far on planet earth .Happy birthday once again sir.

  26. Happy Birthday, Daddy. May God strengthen and uphold with His righteous hands. May the oil upon your her be refreshed. May He grant all your heart desires.

  27. HBD . Dady . is in you that i understood the scripture, Zech 4:6 is not. by power nor by might but by my spirit says the Lord . may Almighty God continue to keep your testimony intact and pour fresh oil on you as you clock 78 . may your years be renewed dady .IJN Amen

  28. Whao!!!Happy birthday to our own Daddy GO. Your name has become an household name that when my children are naughty and I switch on to DOVE media, as soon as they see you sir, they would chorus ‘see Daddy GO’ and they start doing well. We are a beneficiary of God’s faithfulness upon your life and ministry. May you be anointed afresh for the work ahead, May the dew of heaven fall upon you afresh and May you make heaven as that is your topmost desire, May you inhabits your mansions, even as you always talk proudly of it, May your crowns be numerous ,Strength and vitality from above in Jesus name amen
    Happy birthday daddy, from all of us, we love you soo much

  29. Happy birthday Daddy. God’s Anointing over your life will be fresh continually in Jesus Mighty Name. More Grace ,Strength and Blessings

  30. Our own is cerebrating, the righteousness of God. I join in the flurry of thanksgiving and prayers to wish him greater anointing, exploits and all round blessings. His wife is not exempted, mummy congratulations.

  31. AMEN!!!
    Thank You Jesus Christ!!!
    Glory be to God!!!


  32. Happy birthday dear Daddy. You will continue to dwell in the presence of God. You will continue to do greater exploits for God and you will finish well in Jesus name. Amen

  33. Thank God for a life yielded unto God in Daddy G.O
    May the oil upon your heads never rein dry, may you receive freshness from heaven always and may you finish strong in Jesus name.
    Thank Hod for this medium and the ones God is using for this online ministry. Pray that God our Father will bless both the users and the ones uploading every day.

    Happy Birthday Daddy

  34. Happy birthday to Daddy of the whole world. God will renew your anointing day by day IJN. You will finish well IJN. Your latter day shall be glorious than your former IJN.

  35. Happy birthday to you daddy E A Adeboye . God will continue to increases in your ministry. Fresh oil and grace in your ministry in Jesus name

    • Happy birthday daddy,my you receive fresh oil of anointing today for greater exploit in Jesus name.

  36. Happy birthday to our daddy in the lord, may your good old age be crowned with exploits and Gods blessing, may your reward be heaven at last in jesus name, more grace and more anointing sir.God bless you and bless you indeed sir.

  37. Happy birthday dear Daddy GO. We bless the most high God for your life and ministry. May the Lord renew your strength, anoint you afresh and help you to finish strong and well sir. I join the heavens and millions of people all over the world to celebrate God’s grace and faithfulness in your life sir. Happy 78th Birthday !!!

  38. Happy Birthday Pastor Adeboye, our father in the Lord and Daddy to so many. May the Lord continue to strengthen and bless you for many many more years to come. May He pour fresh anointing on you and renew you to continue His work here on earth. God bless always you Daddy G.O.

  39. Happy Birthday Daddy G.O. May you continue to be blessing to our generation and even generation unborn through your which shall continue to speak here and we will see in eternity. We love you Sir. You shall finish strong and finish well in Jesus name.

  40. Happy Birthday Daddy. God bless you sir and fill you with fresh annointing for increased exploits in Jesus name. May your family continue to bring you joy in Jesus name. Amen

  41. Happy birthday daddy E.A.Adeboye.Fresh oil your portion .Age with sufficient grace in Jesus name.

    • Happy prosperous birthday Dad
      More fresh Oil, grace and Energy of a 40 year old person to do more exploits on the land of the Living and greater works ahead in Jesus Mighty name Amen.

  42. Thank you Jesus for adding another year to our daddy’s life. I pray oh Lord that You will satisfy him with long life and good health. Father increase your fresh oil upon him for greater exploits in Jesus name amen

  43. Happy birthday my precious Daddy GO.A father of fathers,amn with a golden heart.I celebrate you today sir. God bless you loads sir.May the oil of joy upon your life never go dry.You are blessed beyond every hindrance.More oil, more increase, more grace in Jesus name.You are celebrated sir!

  44. Happy birthday Daddy GO! May the Lord pour fresh oil on your head; that all the great things you have achieved in the past will be small compared to the new exploits God will do in your life now in Jesus’ name. Amen 🙏🏾

  45. Happy birthday to my father in the Lord, Daddy G O, I wish you long life and prosperity, more of God’s grace and anointing to do exploit. Daddy because you have been a source of blessing and inspiration to us your children in the Lord, blessing shall not cease in your life and family. 78 is just your starting point, @100, you shall still be strong and kicking for God, may fresh oil keep pouring on you all the days of your life and no weapon fashioned against you shall ever prosper in Jesus name. I and my family love you Daddy G O and we wish you the bestest birthday ever.

  46. Happy birthday daddy, may the Lord refresh the oil upon your head. You shall not fail, you shall not falter nor fail. Your strength is renewed as an eagle’s in Jesus’s mighty name.

  47. Happy prosperous birthday Dad,
    More Fresh oil, grace, Energy of a 40 year old person to do more exploits on the land of the Living and greatest works ahead In Jesus Mighty name Amen

  48. Happy birthday Daddy! We wish you more glorious year ahead in Jesus Name Amen! Your oil will not run dry in Jesus Name Amen! You will continue to move from glory to glory in Jesus Name Amen!


  50. All glory to God almighty for adding another beautiful 365 days to our Daddy GO. May the grant every of your heart desire, may your oil never run dry , may you continue to soar higher and higher in Jesus name. Amen. Happy birthday Sir. God bless your new age.

  51. Happy Birthday 🎈🎉🎊🎁🎂 to our dear Daddy. The oil of anointing upon your head will never run dry in Jesus Almighty Name. You will continue to age gracefully in good health and sound mind in Jesus Name. Congratulations! Sir. Many Happy Returns!

    • Happy birthday to my Daddy. May the dew of heavens always refresh the oil of anointing upon you. what you have achieved in the past 78 years will be very small compared to what the Lord will use you to accomplish now and in future. God will keep you stronger and renew your strength in Jesus name.

  52. Happy birthday Daddy. I pray for fresh grace and anointing upon your life, you shall do greater exploits and you will finish well and strong. The Lord shall continually preserve you and your family under his wings. God bless you abundantly

  53. Happy birthday to our Daddy in the Lord! May d annointing upon your life never runs dry you shall end well n strong ijmn

  54. Happy birthday Daddy G.O, may the Lord renew your anointing afresh, in Jesus Name Amen. You are bless in good health and wealth in Jesus name Amen. Everything concerning you is blesses in Jesus Name Amen. Thank you for allowing God use you Daddy. I LOVE YOU.

  55. Happy Birthday to you Daddy GO. May your anointing never run dry. May the Lord grant you many more years to serve him. You will not fail nor fall but will continue to soar higher and higher on Eagles Wings of the Lord. We thank God for making you a Prophet & Blessing for our generation. Wish you Many more Happier Returns of the Day sir. Best Regards

  56. Happy birthday to my Daddy, my teacher, my G.O! may the Lord pour His fresh oil upon you, anointing for freshness be ur portion and you shall live a life of freshness till eternity in Jesus name

  57. Happy 78th Birthday to my daddy, my coach, father of fathers, father of nations. God bless your new age sir. You will finish well and strong. Your anointing will be fresh continually. God whom you serve will preserve you and strengthen you to finish well and strong. Congratulations sir

  58. My father, my maker, father bless your son pastor E.A. Adeboye beyond measure, let your anointing continue to flow on him, may His labor in your kingdom never go rewardless. Give him all that he desires on this special day in Jesus Mighty Name I pray. Amen. Happy Birthday Dady.

    • Happy Birthday Daddy G.O.

      Almighty Father, will continually, renewing you with fresh anointing on a daily basis. You will serve God to eternity. No weapon of evil will overcome you. You will not fail. God bless you and family, richly, in any ways of your needs. Your name will be written in the book of life. In the Mighty Name of Jesus’. Amen!!! Amen!!! and Amen!!!!

  59. To God be the glory for giving the entire world this His son at this perilous time to bring millions to His kingdom, as you celebrate your day today i pray for fresh oil, fresh fire, fresh power to press further and glory of God to rally roundabout you for the rest of your life even into eternity IJN Amen. Let somebody praise the Lord! Aleluyah.

  60. Thank God I can say in the time of Adeboye, God I thank you for giving your favourite son to our generation.May your name be praised.Happy birthday to my special daddy,the Favourite of my Heavenly Father.

  61. Hip Hip Hip joy in the Holy Ghost,Daddy G.O is 78 today.Daddy you are wonderful,He The Almighty will fortified your strength till His second coming in Jesus Name

  62. Happy birthday daddy GO, may you celebrate many more years in the land of the living in Jesus name. May God continue to strengthen you, guide you, protect you. May God annoint you with fresh oil to do more greater things in Jesus name. I celebrate you today sir. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  63. Joyeux anniversaire notre papa, que la rosée du ciel soit sur vous , que L’ETERNEL DIEU renouvelle son ointion sur vous. vous finirez bien fort au NOm de JÉSUS-CHRIST.

  64. Happy birthday daddy GO, may you celebrate many more years in the land of the living in Jesus name. May God continue to strengthen you, guide you, protect you. May God annoint you with fresh oil to do more greater things in Jesus name. I celebrate you today sir. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR

  65. Happy birthday daddy, you have been a blessing to so many of us your children. My family and I pray that you will make it to the end. Fresh anointing oil upon you sir, you will not fall and make a shipwreck of your calling. If the Lord tarries you will see many more years in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

  66. Happy birthday to my inspirational mentor, pastor and spiritual daddy. I join the host of heaven and earth praying that no gate of hell shall prevail over your ministry that has found me. Wishing you fresh oil and dew of heaven all the days of your life. May the Almighty God abundantly bless you beyond measure and grant you the grace to finish very strong in Jesus name. Once again HAPPY 78 BIRTHDAY DADDY GO

  67. Daddy Adeboye, God shall make your path to like a shinning light that shineth brighter and brighter until a perfect day. As you grow in age, you shall grow in strength,wisdom, understanding, knowledge of the word of God and anointing of God. The showers of the dew of God shall release fresh oil upon your life daily.Remain blessed Sir

  68. Happy birthday Sir,Praying that the Grace,anointing, favour and mercy of God continue to be with, Praying that God continue to grant health in Jesus Name
    Happy birthday once more. Cheers

  69. Happy birthday day dearest daddy, your eyes shall never be dim, neither shall your strength be abated sir, as you go all over the world sir proclaiming the saving love of Jesus Christ, you’re strengthened especially in the physical and spiritual also sir IJMN

  70. Happy Birthday Daddy G.O. I that the Almighty God will continue to take you from glory to glory and strength to strength for the rest of your life.

    • Happy birthday daddy, may God bless your new age sir, as you continue to age in grace and achievement, fresh oil upon you and yours, greater testimony and you will never be weary, but end well in Jesus mighty name🙏🥰

  71. Happy birthday to you my daddy in the Lord, may the Almighty Father the God of Heaven and Earth give you birthday gifts that nobody can give in Jesus Name. I pray for you Daddy, may the Lord of Heaven and Earth pour fresh oil on your head; all the great things He has helped you to achieve in the past will be small compared to the new exploits He will do in your life from now onward. In Jesus Name. Enjoy your new year in the joy of the Lord.

  72. More anointing daddy. My family appreciate you and we also rejoice with you today. Great God of Isreal continually be your strength in Jesus mighty name amen. Long life. Divine protection. All of His goodness and mercy follows you forever by FIRE in Jesus mighty name amen. Shalom sir.

  73. LORD bless our General Overseer Pastor Enoch Adeboye now and forevermore..may all our prayers be answered concerning him (Amen)!!

    Happy 78th Birthday Daddy-in-the-LORD😇🙏

  74. Happy birthday Daddy,
    May God Almighty continue to bless you with divine health , power, strength, and more fresh oil in the Mighty Name Jesus .Amen

  75. Happy Birthday to a darling Father who has the well being of all his children worldwide at heart. May our good God anoint you afresh sir and may your days be long in good health, wisdom, happiness and all the good things of life in Jesus mighty name. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DADDY!!!

  76. Happy birthday to you Daddy.
    May God almighty pour fresh oil upon you today…
    May God continually strengthen you in Jesus name.
    May He continue to do greater exploits through you life and ministry in Jesus name.
    We love you so much.
    God bless you sir.
    Happy birthday!

  77. I rejoice and join the host of heaven to celebrate our daddy GO. Fresh anointing for greater heights IJMN. Happy birthday daddy. The Lord grant all your heart desires you celebrate this day.

  78. Happy Happy Birthday Daddy. The Oil of God upon your life will continue to multiply in Jesus Name. Congratulations Daddy.

  79. Happy birthday daddy GO long life and good health to do more work your anointing will not run dry Almighty God will continues to refresh your anointing day by day ,the lord will keep you save in your journey The Lord continues to be your pilot you are cover by the blood of Jesus Christ amen.🎂🍇🌈🌹🎊❤️🙏🙏🙏💒

  80. Happy birthday daddy Adeboye. May God grant your request for more anointing for greater exploits in his service and also give you long and healthy life, divine strength, wisdom, knowledge to tower above all.
    May God frustrate the plans of the envious enemies against you and your family; his peace always dwelling in you in Jesus’ name.
    We love and celebrate you daddy. You are an epitome of humility and servant leader. Your lifestyle and divinely inspired messages remain a beacon drawing souls to Christ.
    Wishing you more glorious years of service in God’s vineyard worldwide

  81. Congratulations and happy birthday sir. The Good LORD remains your joy and strength as he renew and continues to replenish your oil of anointing; daily dropping his fresh dews and oil upon you for greatness and greater exploits beyond human comprehension in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD and REDEEMER; Amen 🙏🏽
    Many happy returns of the day to you sir, growing daily in GOD’s wisdom with long life and prosperity 🙏🏽
    Thank you for the great impact upon my life and that of others.🙏🏽

  82. Happy Birthday Daddy. May the Lord bless your new age with grace, increased fresh anointing and above all increased good health and sound mind. Thank you sir, for being a blessing to many of life.

  83. Happy birthday Daddy, the Lord will uphold you to the end, you will never fail or fall. Keep on soaring in greater and higher and fresh anointing. Age with grace in Jesus name, Amen

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