Prayer Points For Today’s Open Heaven 31 August 2018 – When the Best Comes

Prayer Points For Today’s Open Heaven 31 August 2018 – When the Best Comes

1. Thank you Father for freely giving me all things.

2. Thank you Father for giving me things so precious that money cannot buy, like safe journey, divine health and even, the breath of life itself. Open Heaven 31 August 2018

3. Father, let your mercy override every judgment of sin in my life.

4. Father, give me the grace not only to hear from you, but also to act on your instructions.

5. Father, let an end come to every unprofitable struggle and toil, in my life, today, in Jesus’ name.

6. Father, the best you have for my life shall arrive today, and I will know it in Jesus’ Name. Open Heaven 1 September 2018

7. Father, you are the God that controls times and seasons, as I wait on you with my gifts, sacrifices and service, please, give me unprecedented breakthroughs, in Jesus’ Name.

8. Father, You are the source of all things: please cause me to always experience the best that You have for me in every facet of life, in Jesus’ Name

9. Father, let every spirit of stinginess that has shut the doors of breakthroughs against me, be consumed by your fire.

10. Father, release upon my life the spirit of giving.

11. Father, please, make me an active, committed, loyal and dependable ally and partner, in this divine partnership business.

12. Father, as I continue to wait upon you for divine direction and instructions, let your name be glorified in my life and ministry.

13. Your Personal petitions. (Phil 4:6)

14. In Jesus’ name I pray. (John 15:16)

15. Thank you Father for answered prayers. (1st Thessalonian 5:18).


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