Prayer Points For Today’s Open Heaven 11 August 2018 – Your Help Comes From The Lord

Prayer Points For Today’s Open Heaven 11 August 2018 – Your Help Comes From The Lord

Open Heaven 11 August 2018


1.Thank you Father, for your thoughts toward me, which are thoughts of good and not of evil, to bring me to an expected end.

2.Father, in anyway, l have fallen short of your glory, have mercy and forgive me 

3.Father, arise, and let all my enemies be confounded and put to shame, in Jesus’ name. 

4.Father, give unto me the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches, of secret places, in Jesus’ name.

5.Father, you are the All-Sufficient God, the El-Shaddai, the Jehovah Jireh, please, do not let me lack any good thing from now on, in Jesus’ name.

6.Father, please, supply all my needs, according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

7.Jesus, you said, whatever, l ask in your name, it shall be done unto me; l ask that you grant all my heart’s desires and petitions, from now on, in Jesus’ name.

8.Father, perform your creative miracles, in my life this year, and, make a way for me, where there seems to be none, in Jesus’ name.

9.Father, make my life like that of a tree, planted, by the river, let me flourish in season and out of season, in Jesus’ name. Click to read – Open Heaven 12 August 2018

10.Father, no matter the situation of the economy of this country, when people see me, let them see your care, affluence, prosperity and glory, upon my life, in Jesus’ name.

11.Father, shut the eyes of everyone that would contend with my blessing, so that they will not see it, in Jesus’ Name.

12.Your Personal Petitions. (Phil 4:6)

13.In Jesus’ name I pray.(John 15:16)

14.Thank you Father for answered prayers. (1 Thes 5:18).

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Oluranti Adebo
Oluranti Adebo
4 years ago

Glory be to God.
May the Lord continues to bless our Father in the Lord in Jesus name

4 years ago

I was blessed by prayer point. Thank sir ….. may God continue His wisdom. Amen