Prayer Points For Open Heavens 1 May 2019

Prayer Points For Open Heavens 1 May 2019

Thank you for being a part of this ministry!

1. Father we thank you for meeting our family’s needs month to month. We thank you for we have no lack.

2. Lord we speak a blessing over all family members, Meet all our needs in this season. We declare that our tables will never be without food, they will have a room over their heads and peace in their hearts in this new month of May,

3. We come against the spirit of the devourer in our family. Whatever we have sown, we will reap and enjoy in this new month of May, In Jesus name

4. Father, please let Your will be done this 5th month of 2019, in Jesus’ Name.

5. We come against arrogance and greed in our hearts. This new Month, Bless us to be a blessing to all around us.

6. We want to pray for the Lord to raise new leaders within our families. Read – Open Heaven 1 May 2019

7. In this Month of May, we shall raise sleeping giants who have been dosing off on their job, men and women who have not stepped up into leadership roles.

8. Wherever there is a void Lord, raise a man or woman to fill it. Father we pray that there may never be times where there are no leaders in our families

9. Father, protect our children from accidents, hands of the evil one and any other unfortunate incidence, in Jesus’ name.

10. Father we pray that you would release vision into our fathers, into our mothers and into the rest of the family in this new month of May, in Jesus name.

11. I come against all forms of stagnancy in this new Month. I speak progression into all I do, in Jesus’ name.

12. I praise you Lord for the benefit of a brand new a new month

13. Lord, in this new month of May, I put my trust in you and in you only

14. Thank you Father for life, for family, for my job, for my healing, for my miracle, for my breakthrough THIS MONTH OF MAY, IN JESUS NAME


  1. I pray that all our expectations shall be fufill and all our prayers for today God will answer us in Jesus mighty name amen

  2. I thank God for he is wonderful and this month shall be my month of wonders in jesus name anen

  3. I tank God for this month of grace because it’s my month of celebration in all ramifications of life.

  4. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness even when we are not faithful. I know that you will be with my family and I in Jesus mighty name.

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