Republic of Tunisia is in Africa. Capital: Tunis, Pop: 11.6 million. Muslim: 99%, Christian: 0.22%, non-religious: 0.30%.

Islam is the state religion.

The church was widespread in earlier centuries but heresy, not taking root in the word of God, lack of bibles in local languages and finally Islam brought about the demise of the church. Most of the Christians in Tunisia now are expatriate workers.

Read – Open Heavens 2 December 2019

Islamic militants spread fear throughout the country.

Tunisian Christians face hostilities and pressures from the society, this makes it difficult for them to share their faith. It is also difficult for them to gather for worship or fellowship.

🔶Pray that a growing living church might once again be a reality in Tunisia.

🔶Pray that Christian expats will have passion to reach out and seek creative ways to do so.

🔶Pray for encouragement for Tunusian Christians. Pray it will come to pass that they will be able to fellowship together and share their faith without fear.

🔶Pray the Kingdom of Islam in Tunisia will collapse and many Tunisians will be disciples of Christ.


  1. Thank you Team Open Heaven, Great and wonderful Idea on the addition of this section, as a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly prayer for targeted nation. I trust God, will use this forum to begin to move in Tunisia and subsequent nations/countries.

    Is it possible to for now, to expressly write out the prayer points, and as always. progressively, begin to add reference scriptures and perhaps begin to share testimonies from those on the ground.

    May God, continue to direct your thought as we begin to take over our lost ground, and also address the reasons for the past failures. May God Continue to Bless all of you with and in all You do, In Jesus, Name, Amen…

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