Happy new month beloved. In today’s devotional, we center our thoughts on the act of giving thanks to God. Find immense joy in thanking God and express sincere praise from the depths of your heart.

Today’s Powerful Confession: I confess today that I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My mouth is always filled with praises and songs of Joy. I tell of the wonderful works of God and people hear it and turn to God. I am a person of gratitude and great joy. My life of gratitude is constant and my joy draws men to God in Jesus name. Amen. Hallelujah!

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Let’s Declare!

Thank you God for Your faithful protection and guidance throughout the first half of the year. As I enter the second half, I declare that Your presence will continue to lead and sustain me in Jesus’ name.

Thank you Heavenly Father for Your immeasurable love and covering over me and my loved ones. I decree and declare I am secure and protected in Your embrace in Jesus’ name.

Thank you God for granting me a sound mind and preserving me in all circumstances. I declare that Your peace and clarity will continue to guard my thoughts and emotions in Jesus’ name.

I decree and declare that today is a day of thanksgiving to God. I choose to recognize and appreciate His goodness in my life in Jesus’ name.

I decree and declare that songs of thankfulness and rejoicing never departs from my house in the name of Jesus.

I decree and declare that I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth in Jesus name.

I decree and declare that I count my blessings daily and this makes me live a life of gratitude and praise in Jesus name.

I declare that as I thank God for my blessings, they multiply in the name of Jesus.

I decree and declare that I will delight in God with all my heart. I will find joy and satisfaction in my relationship with Him, knowing that He is my ultimate source of happiness in Jesus’ name.

I decree and declare that my praise to God will flow from the depths of my being. I will offer genuine and heartfelt adoration, acknowledging His power, love, and faithfulness in Jesus’ name.

I decree and declare that gratitude will be a constant attitude in my life. I will cultivate a spirit of thankfulness, recognizing and expressing appreciation for the blessings God has bestowed upon me in Jesus’ name.

I decree and declare that I will actively seek opportunities to glorify God through my words and actions. I will testify to His goodness and share His love with others, bringing honor to His name in Jesus’ name. 

I decree and declare that my thanksgiving to God will not be limited to a single day but will be a daily practice. I will continually offer my heartfelt praise and thanks, knowing that He is worthy of all honor and worship in Jesus’ name.

I decree and declare that as I express gratitude to God, my heart will be filled with peace and contentment. I will experience His presence and find comfort in knowing that He is with me every step of the way in Jesus’ name.

Thank you Lord for infusing me with strength and enabling me to accomplish all that I am called to do. I acknowledge that You are the ultimate source of my strength and I depend on You completely in Jesus’ name.

I decree and declare my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for His unwavering provision in my life. I acknowledge Him as my source, and I trust that He will continue to meet all my needs according to His riches in glory in Jesus’ name.

Thank You Lord for the gift of salvation. I am eternally grateful for being a part of You and experiencing Your redeeming love.

I decree and declare my thanks be to God for His abundant mercy that is renewed each day. I am thankful for His forgiveness, compassion, and grace that sustain me in Jesus’ name.

Thank you Father for fighting my battles on my behalf. I declare that I am more than a conqueror through You who loves me, and I trust in Your victory over every obstacle in Jesus’ name.

Thank You Lord for every member of my local Church and the body of Christ worldwide. I am grateful that the gates of hell shall not prevail against us, and I pray for unity, growth, and impact in the name of Jesus.

Thank You, Father, for your son Pastor E. A. Adeboye and his household, and how You keep using him worldwide.

I decree and declare heaven responds to these prayers and declarations as I say them and I receive answers in Jesus’ name.

Thank You, Lord, for everyone in this community (RCCGONLINE.ORG). 

Thank You Holy Spirit for all the testimonies and miracles coming through these declarations. May they be permanent in Jesus’ name.

Father, let everybody joining in to say these declarations all over the world experience great miracles throughout this month. May we have numerous testimonies in Jesus’ name.

Somebody shout Hallelujah!

See you tomorrow!


Note: These declarations are spiritual and can only be understood and fully enjoyed by God’s children. If you want to be blessed by these prayers, you must first, surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, by saying this prayer:

To fully benefit from these prayers, you must first accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Lord Jesus, I come before You today with a broken and contrite heart full of repentance. Please, forgive me for all my sins. Today, I surrender my life to You, I believe that Jesus is Lord and I confess it with my mouth. Jesus, come into my life and save my soul from eternal destruction. In Jesus’ name, I pray. AMEN!

If you participated in that 👆 life-changing prayer! Please contact us at [email protected] today.

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  1. Àmen Father let it be so IJMN thank you Lord for answered our prayers in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ annoiting flow thank you father for answers prayers IJN shout Halleluyah

  2. Amen and amen to all these prophetic declarations in Jesus Mighty Name. Thank you, Lord God Almighty for answered prayers and declarations in Jesus Mighty Name, amen.

  3. Amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn to all declarations in Jesus Name🙏🙏🙏

  4. Thank you Lord, blessed be your holy name in Jesus name I ask and prayed Amen 🙏🏼 Happy new month Fam !

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