The elders have a saying, “if children of the same mother enter into a room to talk and come out smiling, they have not told each other the truth.

 Pastor Adeboye: Characters of A Generation of Young Christians

Alright, so in the next 3 minutes, you might not be smiling as I am going to tell you the truth, because am your Daddy.

Strictly speaking, I have searched the scripture, but there is nowhere that I have found where it is written if you wear make-up, you will go to hell or you will not make it to heaven, I can’t find it in the Bible.

It is not to be found anywhere at all, but I have done my own research.

There are two places in the whole Bible where references were made to painting of face, only two places, and the two places are bad. One of the places talked about Jezebel.

How many of you will name your daughter Jezebel? 2 Kings 9:30, the day Jezebel was going to die, she did makeup properly, painted her face, and dented her face with jewelry, but at the end of the day, a dog ate her.

The second place is in Jeremiah 4:29-30 where God was speaking in anger to the daughters of Zion, He says, “When I make up my mind to deal with you, you can paint your face as you like, it is not going to deliver you.” Read it, you have your Bible to read. Those are the only two places I found, and they are terrible references.

Now as far as am concerned, it is up to you to decide how you want to look, you want to make up, you want to paint yourself, you are at liberty.

If for any reason whatsoever God decides not to allow you to enter heaven, sorry o!!!

The point I’m making is this, nobody ever adds sugar to honey. Have you seen anybody adding sugar to honey? Anytime you see a piece of furniture that is painted, wooden furniture that is painted, the wood is inferior.

When the wood is ebony, nobody paints it, no no no. I think children of God should realize they are precious enough, by the special grace of God and by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. They are honey, they don’t need sugar.

Some people go about in the name of fashion wearing wigs. I’m not being judgmental at all. This is not law, there is no where in the Bible which says if you wear wigs, you can’t make it to heaven.

But this hair that you are wearing, from whose head was it cut? Do you know who was the original owner of the hair? Do you know what kind of anointing is in that hair? It is put in the most important part of your body, the head!!! “Thou anointed my head.” Things are so bad now that some ladies come for ordination with wigs on.

I always ask them, which one do you want me to anoint, the wig or the head? I told you, you will not smile by the time I finished. I have not been legalistic, I have not said thou shall not wear wig. I’m only talking to my daughters, my own children.

I read something in the book of Revelation 7:1-3. Some angels were sent from heaven to deal with the inhabitants of the world, after the rapture, the Bible says, “I heard the Almighty God said, before you begin to deal with people, let me mark them, let me seal them on their forehead, so that we know those that the bullet should not hit.

What we wear matters. Why do you think the army wears uniforms? It is so that they will not accidentally shoot their own members.

Can God recognize you at a glance, that is, as a child of God? Some people say it does not matter, and that what is inside is what is important, I agree with the last part, but what is inside will show outside. it will show on the outside, it will show, don’t let anybody deceive you.

When I became General Overseer, I brought a group of teachers to come and teach in the Bible College and they began to teach series of things I did not bargain for. They were teaching that God is not interested in the outside, He is interested in the inside, this man (the G. O.) is legalistic, he is too strict.

So I went to Oyingbo market to buy two oranges, one ripe and the other green all over. My Bible students were beginning to turn to rebels and God gave me wisdom, so I stood before the class and I said, which of these oranges will you take if I ask you to pick one?

They all pointed at the yellow and ripe one, and I said why? They said because that one is going to be the sweeter one. How do you know when you have not seen the inside?

They all said what is inside the orange portrays and shows what is reflecting outside. An orange is sweet from its appearance because its inside is sweet and vice versa to unripe oranges….

It was at this point that I passed the real message to the people and the Holy Spirit gave them a change of heart afterward.

People of God, God cannot be mocked, you cannot begin to tell people that God only dwells in the heart of man, and seeks the heart alone and not the facial appearance, It is A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL !!! …

You cannot sit on the fence, it is either you are cold or hot… Say no to FASHION OF HELL … Why not be and remain the way God created you? Why are you adding to what God has created?

In other words, you are telling God that, “God ooh, see you are senseless to have created me this way I am, I am going to recreate myself back with make ups.” (God forbid).

May you not be an enemy of God. Amen. “Let your dressing be in modest apparel, not of painting of face or using of gold, necklaces or earrings, but of pure heart, shamefacedness and modesty.”

Have you considered Jezebel in the Bible? She was a perfect example of the usage of all these things, and she made all these things of demonic value. May you not be among her descendants in Jesus mighty name. Let your watchword be ”WORLDLINESS FORBIDDEN.”

Instead of the world copying good things from us (believers), we the believers are the one copying bad things from the world! Very shameful and pathetic!

Remember, “friendliness with the world equals enmity with God”.
Beware of the end time vices and change your ways now!




  1. I am curious, when did Daddy G.O write this piece. I am curious where it came from? Is there like a book Daddy Adeboye writes to share his views on the world apart from Open Heaven. Would really love to read more, Thanks

  2. Father in the Name of Jesus Christ renew your Grace upon ISHINGI SUZANNE and Help Me represent you righteously with all Truth AMEN 🙏🏾.

    Take away any form of idols off my heart and let my heart be thy Altar even as my body is the temple of the HolySpirit AMEN 🙌🏾

  3. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and give you more insight. I appreciate you taking the time, sir, to write and deliver this wonderful message. More blessings to you, Amen.

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