Open Heavens for Teens 28 November 2018 – How Forgiving Are You?

Open Heavens for Teens 28 November 2018How Forgiving Are You?

Memorise: But there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared. Psalm 130:4

Read: Ephesians 4:24-32 (KJV)

Bible In One Year: Ezekiel 40, 1 Peter 5


According to Matthew 18:23-34, God forgive us when we ask Him. Until you ask for forgiveness, your sins are retained.

This spiritual principle negates the error of some teachings that the blood of Jesus Christ continues to wash away your sins after you are born again, even without confessing them. this is misinterpretation. Also Read – Open Heaven 28 November 2018

Any sin you fail to acknowledge and confess before God after becoming a believer will automatically be recorded against you.

Another lesson here is that God forgave us so that we too can forgive others. And He continues to forgive us whenever we err so that we too can continue to forgive those who offend us.

If you fail to forgive anyone who offends you, you have automatically negated God’s purpose for forgiving you. One proof of being a child of God is your ability to forgive others like He forgave you.

If you want to wait until the offender deserves to be forgiven, you may never forgive anyone. God forgave you not because you deserved it, but because He is merciful.

Key Point: Your readiness to forgive determines God’s readiness to forgive you. How ready are you to forgive your offenders?

Hymn 13:

1. Is your life a channel of blessing?
Is the love of God flowing through you?
Are you telling the lost of the Savior?
Are you ready His service to do?

Make me a channel of blessing today,
Make me a channel of blessing, I pray;
My life possessing, my service blessing,
Make me a channel of blessing today.

2. Is your life a channel of blessing?
Are you burdened for those that are lost?
Have you urged upon those who are straying
The Savior who does on the cross

3. Is your life a channel of blessing?
Is it a daily telling for Him?
Have you spoken the word of salvation?
To those who are dying in sin?

4. We cannot be channels of blessing
If our lives are not free from sin;
We will barriers be and a hindrance
To those we are trying to win.

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