FRIDAY 12th Jan 2018
PRAYER OF FORGIVENESS: Text: Matt. 18:22Jere. 31:34; LUKE 23:34, 1kings 13:1-6; Act 7:54-60, John 3:16.

Your lack of forgiveness can sabotage your comprehensive victory. Since no one can offend you Seventy times  Seven Times, therefore, learn to forgive so that your fasting and prayers can be acceptable before God. Your waiting on Him will never amount to an hunger strike. Amen.

Example of complete forgiveness in the Bible- JOSEPH, Gen. 45:5-15; Gen 50:19-20, DAVID 1 Samuel 24:1-22, 2
Samuel 9:1-13. Stephen Acts. 7:59-60.

  1. Father!!! Please have mercy on me for not forgiving others and give me the heart of flesh to forgive in Jesusname.

  2. Father!!! By your grace, I forgive totally all that I have offended me; I released them from every captivity ofbitterness in my heart.

  3. Father!!! By your Holy Spirit, touch the heart of those that I have offended to forgive and forget my offenses inJesus name.

  4. Father!!! I release all that have offended me now, please release every benefit and blessing that un-forgivenesshas delayed in my life, in Jesus name.

  5. Fire of the Holy Ghost!! Purge my heart of every un-forgiveness in Jesus name.

  6. Lord Jesus, by your blood, released me from every family captivity resulting from inherited offenses.

  7. Father!!! Everyone I need to forgive for my life to break through, please lead me to them now in Jesus name.

  8. Father!!! Let every seed of un-forgiveness in my life be consumed by fire in Jesus name.

  9. Father!!! Please let me reap the reward of a forgiving heart in Jesus name.


  1. Very refreshing…. I check my heart I can still found hurt bury deep there thank God for this opportunity of letting go I.e forgiveness

  2. Thank you so much for sending the prayer for the fasting and Open Heaven devotion because I’m able observe them without carrying my manual whenever I travel.

  3. May God bless our Father in the Lord for this great opportunity! I pray God to strengthen him, energize him give him more unction of the holy spirit. And finally let him worthy of God’s kingdom amen!

  4. Thank you Lord, for helping to let go and forgive and forget those that have offended me in the past. I feel relieved. all heaviness has gone. Thank you Jesus

  5. It is another refreshing moment in the presence of God today, I thank God for His grace that has sustained me in today’s fasting. Glory be to God

  6. Father please give me a forgiving heart that I will forgive all those that hurt me in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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