Apostle Joshua Selman is a man of God, and a teacher of God’s Word. He is the president of Koinonia Network International, the body that powers Koinonia – a weekly meeting that currently holds in Zaria, Kaduna state and the federal capital territory of Nigeria, Abuja.

Last week, during the Koinonia meeting on Sunday, Apostle Joshua Selman made a stern announcement to the general public, urging them to beware of scammers and fraudulent people who try to scam people in his name.

Apostle Joshua Selman and his ministry have made this announcement many times before however, it seems like many people do not get the information and still fall victims of scammers who pretend to be the man of God asking for donations and soliciting for funds.


Apostle Joshua Selman has stated clearly that he does not ask anybody for money online to pray for them and if you receive a message from a profile that bears his name asking you for money, you are most likely speaking with a scammer.

This tactic is not new as the names of many other men of God have been used and is still being used to defraud many who are unsuspecting or gullible.

Many times, the messages come in comments on Facebook, YouTube or any other platform, asking you to send money to a particular orphanage or account number in the name of the man of God. This is a scam and a fraud and we urge you not to fall for it.

Even if the profile carries the name and picture of the man or woman of God, it can still be a scam.

Most men of God will not ask you for money online for any reason.

The authorized channel for sowing seeds, giving offerings and paying tithes is through the ministry’s account which is usually provided through the OFFICIAL social media pages of the ministry.

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If you have any confusions, do not send your money, instead, contact the ministry’s official phone lines and ask questions.

Apostle Joshua Selman further reiterated other things that people must know in order to avoid getting scammed.
They include the fact that :

1) Apostle Joshua Selman is NOT on any social media platform. Any account in his name is a fraudulent one.

2) Apostle Joshua Selman does not solicit for funds in order to pray for people.

3) Apostle Joshua Selman does not request for people to send money to orphanages for prayers.

4) Apostle Joshua Selman hasn’t published any book(s) either soft or hard copy. Any book you see in his name is by a scammer.

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We must be guided by wisdom and discretion in these times because many are out to deceive and defraud innocent believers.

Lastly, many people rejoiced at a beautiful news that Apostle Joshua Selman shared on that same Sunday. He announced that since he was not on social media and many pro who has pressing issues do not have fired access to him, an official personal email has been created for him through which individuals can now reach him directly simply by sending an email.

If you need to reach out to the man of God for an IMPORTANT and PRESSING issue, you can now send an email to [email protected]

Pay attention to every alphabet on the email to avoid getting mails from scammers who may have created a similar email to scam people.


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