DAILY PERSONAL CONFESSION: The lord has replaced worrying with worship in my life. He has filled my spirit with His love. God has removed every doubt in place of prayer and other aspects of my life. I am recovering all, in every area. Nothing is or will be missing or broken in and through me. I am finishing well and strong because greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. The grace of God is forever sufficient for me and I will never be disgraced in Jesus’ name Amen!






I am that I am thank you for this beautiful Wednesday and grace of life in Jesus’ name

I lift up to You my Father, as many in the world at large who are yet to accept you as their Lord and saviour let them have an encounter with You today, in the mighty name of Jesus

I decree every pain, ache, shame and disgrace lurking around my destiny comes to an end in Jesus name

I decree every gathering from any part of the earth working repeatedly against my destiny is scattered in Jesus’ name

I decree concerning the body of Christ worldwide every confusion and division from the pit of hell is permanently negated, in the mighty name of Jesus

I decree every force consistently attacking my faith in any aspect an end comes to Your reign in Jesus’ name

I decree every power crying shame and discouragement over my household and lineage is rendered useless, in the mighty name of Jesus

I decree every sickness that has or wants to make my body a host to inhabit in and live as parasite, get out in Jesus’ name

I decree every law that is working non stop against the purpose of God concerning this nation and nations around the world is terminated, in the mighty name of Jesus

I decree every abuse of power in all places of authority working to promote the lawlessness of the anti Christ is permanently terminated, in the mighty name of Jesus

I decree my life is submerged in the grace of God and I will never bow in disgrace in Jesus’ name

I decree every but that has hung upon my life and lineage is totally destroyed henceforth in Jesus’ name

I decree the name of Jesus scatters every plan trumping the decrees and plans of God in all aspect of life worldwide in Jesus’ name

I decree I will never be a cast away in the kingdom of God in Jesus’ name

I decree grace to be upright and walk in the power and purpose of God is released upon me and all that concerns me, in Jesus’ name

I decree over this nation and nations around the world the lord has fought and won the seen and unseen battles for us, in the mighty name of Jesus

I decree, let every believer on this platform (rccgonline.org) never miss the promises of God that stands sure in our lives and our joy will never turn to sadness in Jesus’ most powerful name

I decree concerning my health, the grace of God will continue to speak for me, in the mighty name of Jesus


We return all Glory to our FATHER in heaven.

Dear Holy Spirit, thank You for all the testimonies on this platform, please continue to inspire the intercessory team for more prophetic declarations on this platform, in Jesus’ name

By faith, appreciate God for answered prayers and declarations. Beloved, begin to thank God for the revival of your prayer life and your testimonies. See you here tomorrow. Bye-bye…

Somebody shout Hallelujah!


  1. Amen and Amen to all these prophetic declarations in Jesus Mighty name. Thank you, Lord God Almighty for answered prayers and declarations in Jesus Mighty name, amen

  2. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers and the manifestations of the declarations upon my life and my household… Amen. HALLELUJAH!!!

  3. Hallelujah! I shall testify before this month comes to an end in regard to my job search🙌🙌🙌

  4. Thank you God for these prophetic declarations. They shall be established in our lifes in Jesus Name. 🙏🏼

  5. My name is Obawole Adéníyì. I’m here to testify to God’s protection upon my life. This is the second time God saved me in road accident.

    On the evening of 14th of August, 2020, around 6pm, I drove to World Oil at Iwo road to collect a package from a driver coming from Lagos. When I collected the package, I got back inside the car to drive home.

    The moment I ignited the car engine, signalled to indicate my movement and i moved a bit, a Micra taxi hit me at the driver’s side. I immediately pressed the brake to control the car’s movement and then parked to check where I was hit.

    When I came down from the car, the thugs in that area shifted the blame on me and one of them disguised as if he wanted to help me to park the car well because the accident affected the car’s lower arm movement. My mind was troubled because of the situation, I gave him the car key but I also went into the car with him. Immediately he drove the car away from the accident scene telling me that he doesn’t want them to disturb me.

    He then told me he will collect ₦20,000 from me for what he did unless he won’t stop driving the car up and down recklessly regardless of the fault the accident has caused on the car.

    I told him I have nothing on me and nothing in my bank account. He told me I should call whosoever I can call.

    I tried calling and those I called wanted to know where we were but it’s late in the night but I didn’t know and the guy didn’t want to tell me. All he’s saying is that they should transfer the money as soon as possible.

    Three other thugs also followed us on a bike hoping they’d get a percentage of the money too.

    It got to a point I cried unto God and said “God you’re the only one that can deliver me from this situation. Come and help me Lord”.

    They hit me on the head, punched me on the neck and gave me “abara” on the body.

    Some minutes after, he stopped the car and parked. He went to meet the other three guys and I noticed they’re having disagreement. He later came back to me and gave me the car key and said angrily that I should drive the car and go away immediately.

    All I can say is “God was involved” because if not for God, I would have fallen when I was hit, the car would have been stolen, my people I called might have located us and turned the scenario to a bloody fight one.

    But I gave God all the glory for taking charge of the situation.

    5 days after that (which was on 19th of August, 2020), the Lord added a year unto my year.

    All praise, glory and honour be to the Almighty who never allowed the evil plans to come to pass on my life.

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