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» Good Morning Everyone, May You begin to Experience A New level of rising in your Glory in Jesus Name!
» This Morning The Presence of God will go with You and your household in Jesus Name!
» May His daily blessings never elude You in Jesus Name
» It’s a New Day- let your New Testimonies be release unto You right now in Jesus Name
» Because You seek God early- May you find God in all you do in Jesus Name!
» May All your sacrifice of seeking Him early in the morning never be in vain in Jesus Name!
» I decree over all buried glory to rise again now in Jesus Name
» Let the same power that call-out the death of Lazarus call out those buried glory now in Jesus Name
» Whoever that is using your glory to shine- May heaven strike them today and restore your Glory to You in Jesus Name
» Every evil cloud covering your Glory to shine are clear from this day in Jesus Name!
» I call out your glory from the Hands of the wicked people- receive your Glory in Jesus Name!
» I command the wickedness of the wicked people to come to an end over your home today in Jesus Name!
» All Eagle glory that has been exchange with snail glory- Today You are delivered in Jesus Name!
» Every power that wanted you to labour in vain shall be frustrated today in Jesus Name
» Whosoever that is in charge of those your challenges- May Almighty God expose and bring them under your feet in Jesus Name!
» God is saying to someone- You are going to break that family record of stagnation from this Moment! Halleluyah
» God is Saying to someone- You are breaking that curse of marital delay in your lineage right now! Halleluyah
» God is saying to someone- All your lineage Glory has been release to You this Morning! Receive it in Jesus Name!
» God is giving someone A NEW GLORY this Morning! HALLELUYAH!!!!
» God is saying to someone- You are not going to return empty handed to your next family meeting. Halleluyah
» God is saying to someone- Welcome to your season of Financial Independent. Halleluyah
» May Your life begin to show forth that new Glory from this moment in Jesus Name!
» All seed sown so far over your Requests- welcome to your season of harvest in Jesus Name!
» All Ministry Partners May You not Partner in vain in Jesus Name!
» Those that wish to partner but are rich in mind- You shall be rich physically from this day in Jesus Name
» Over all of you I will not have cause to mourn in Jesus Name!
» All Prayer Requests that we shall lift up today shall be Testimonies in return in Jesus Name!
>>At the end we shall not be cast away in Jesus Name!
>>Remember to Pray for me and All Ministers of this Morning as You are led! We Need your Prayers!
>>If Jesus Tarries we shall witness more of this days in Jesus Name!
» All ministry destiny helpers God will send flood of Helper on your way this season in Jesus Name!
» Any forces that wants to stand against this morning declarations wrath of God locate their camps in Jesus Name!
…..And All shall be well with You in Jesus name!
*Go ahead and Celebrate God for this morning Declarations.*
We return all Glory to you Alone.



  1. Thanks, have been encouraged. May the God who changes in not continually bless our God our father in the Lord abundantly.

  2. Daddy, thank you for these good works. May the Lord continue to enlarge your coast and renew your vision daily IJN.

  3. Thank you very much daddy for helping people like me to pray using these page. God bless you very sir.

  4. Amen in Jesus name for all the prayers.The presence of God Almighty will not leave you Daddy,more anointing Sir.

  5. Enter your comment here…Thank You Sir For The Morning Deleration…May The Lord Continue To Strengthen You Sir.At The End Of Our Race On Earth May We Reign With Our Lord Jesus In Glory

  6. I want God to give me testimonies that seem like a lie…I want God to visit me in all ramification of my life,I want to be celebrated this year.

  7. Thank you so much daddy for this wonderful declaration and so shall it be for you too in Jesus name.
    Daddy pls I’d like you to pray for my husband, that the Almighty God should turn his heart towards Christ, so that he will give his life to Christ wholeheartedly and run away from any form of sins, and that the Almighty God should send us divine financial helpers that will change our situations, so that we won’t beg from people again. We shall be rapturable in Jesus mighty Name.

  8. Daddy, may His grace abide more abundantly in Jesus name…fresh anointing from the throne of grace….big Amen n Amen to all d declarations…

  9. My Prayer Request: I want God to heal me of a boning growth in my nostril that has completely blocked one nose already, I want it disappear without going through operation. I have a target for deadline in July this year for one programme I have started for long time. I want God to help me complete before the deadline and not to labour in vain over the programme, I should eat the good fruit of it. Thanks and God bless.

  10. Thank you daddy for the declaration. God will continue to renew your strength Sir in Jesus Name.
    My prayer request. I will not be sidelined in Jesus Name

  11. Sir, may God further enrich you spiritually and enlarge your coast.
    PRAYER REQUEST: The Lord Jehovah Rapha should heal my Lower Diastolic Dysfunction, heart and bones absolutely. He should make me whole.
    That job I am expecting from Canada should come forth speedily and all other required applications should come positive and favourable to the Glory of God.

  12. Many thanks so much for the daily Open Heavens and I have been immensely blessed by these Open Heavens and daily declarations.

    Please I need urgent prayers concerning my life in the following areas:-
    1. Our Parish needs urgent prayers for growth both spiritual and physical growth.
    2. The Parish needs hand lifters to move the Parish forward.
    3. The Parish needs to move to its permanent site, as the issue of the rent is fast approaching.
    4. My husband and I have been believing God for a land both in Abuja and in the village to build our own homes and move out of rented apartments.
    5. I need urgent intervention concerning my bank loans and piling of debts which have been overwhelming for me.
    6. prayers for Divine helpers to locate me for all these and never to go back to number 5.
    7. my son needs to settle down in the UK.

    God bless you so much Sir for interceding on my behalf I am grateful Sir.

  13. Daddy, May Almighty God continue to uphold and strengthen you and your household. I pray for the complete and total restoration of God’s glory in my financial, marital and occupational life, in Jesus name

  14. Thank you Daddy for the wonderful work you are doing. May the presence of God never depart from you and your ministry in Jesus name.

    Daddy, I would like you to pray for my parents that the Almighty God should heal them body, mind, and soul and restore all they have lost during the course of the illness. And Also that the Good Lord should save their soul IJN

    Secondly, I will like you to pray for me for all round restoration and divine breakthroughs and upliftment in all my endeavors IJN

    God bless you sir

  15. Thank God for this morning declaration it was sent to me and my family, More anointing sir. Please sir I am joining my faith with your faith believing God to take away from me anything called shame in Jesus name. Secondly the forces behind my children ungodly behaviour be disgraced in Jesus name. Then , God in His Mercy restore everything the enemy has stolen from me in multiple fold . Amen Thanks sir.

  16. I have a huge decision to make that’s it’s either going to MAKE or MAR my life and that if my family. I need God’s guidance.

  17. My prayer requests
    1.God pls let my Destiny helpers locate me and my family in 2019
    2.God pls let me enjoy your divine grace, health, favour, and mercy throughout 2019
    3.God pls grant me and my wife a glorious Son in 2019
    4.God pls grant me and my wife A new mansion and 2 brand new cars in 2019
    5.God pls grant me and my wife divine destiny and helps in 2019
    6.God pls grant me the grace to start a major local and international business in 2019
    8.God pls open doors of Nations for me and my wife in 2019.
    9. God grant the Parish I am shepherding super growth in year 2019

    1)Father Lord God,helper of the helpless send help to me this season ijn

    2)Father settle me Maritally and give me a home like paradise on earth

    3)Father send help to my Aunt you know her

    4)Father grant I and my sisters marital favor this year ijn

    5)Father I went to Open Heaven at Redeemption camp remember my seed and answer me speedily ijn

    6)Father bless and continue to strengthen your son who has made this platform available ijn

    7)Father bless this nation Nigeria and uphold her dignity ijn

    thank you ELOHIM

  19. Please I need you to pray with me, that God should bless me with a job , to enable me pay my bills and clear every debt in life.

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