PERSONAL DAILY CONFESSION: I confess today, Christ has given me authority over the devil and the cohorts of darkness. Satan has no place in my home, in my body, in my finances or anywhere around me. Daily, God’s Word is at work in me and I experience endless streams of the miraculous in my life and health, in the mighty name of Jesus




TESTIMONY 1: Praise My Master Jesus, I bring good news, God has been faithful, I have been offered employment to resume work on the 16th of November 2020, also I have been praying for money and I received the sum of 200,000 from a friend on the 4th of this month as well. My God is turning around everything for my good and I am most grateful and can’t stop praising him. I have been out of job for 2 years now, and didn’t know what to do, but surviving by his grace, now I can smile, because I know this is just the beginning. Please join me in thanking and praising the king of kings. I love you lord and I will worship you forever. _ Esther Agu


TESTIMONY 2: My dearly beloved heaven is indeed real. I want to share my life testimony with us. In the year 2019 I was pregnant when I was to be delivered of my child after C’s I bled until I past out all I saw was a big gate open and I went in and got to a place made of gold so beautiful I saw Angels sending and descending and there was much crowd on the ground people waiting for judgement brethren when it was time for my turn I then said to the angel please come and judge me let me stay here for the place is too beautiful to leave and the angel looked at me and said go I will not judge you go back to the world and finish your work I was already confirmed dead by ten gynaecologist where by my husband was already crying because doctors said there was no hope again but after which I came back to life. I was given 7 pounds of blood but all to no avail and doctor said my womb was to be removed but at the time that was to done the God of the 11th -59th intervened. Thanks to God for this topic today and I also thank God for my life for living to share his goodness in my life. Please If you are a christian run so greatly to obtain the incorruptible 👑 . God bless every one_ Orluobuah Ngozi



I decree this SUNDAY a new light is shining over all that concerns me and I am moving from glory to glory no failure or disappointment, in Jesus’ name

Thank You Faithful Father for all that You have done for us

Thank You Lord for keeping us safe and secure

Thank You Lord for Your mark of divine exemption upon our lives

Thank You Lord for Your seal of divine immunity upon us

Thank You Lord for upholding our souls in life

Thank You Lord for upholding every organ and every system in our bodies by the Word of Your Power

Thank You Lord for delivering our souls from death

Thank You for delivering our eyes from tears

Thank You Lord for delivering our feet from falling that we may walk before You in the light of the living

Thank You Lord for forgiving all our iniquities, and healing all our diseases

Thank You Lord for clothing us with Your glory

Thank You Lord for fighting all our seen and unseen battles

Thank You Lord for victory over every attack of the enemy

Thank You Lord for the blessings that money can buy and the blessings that money cannot buy

Thank You Lord for covering our nakedness

Thank You Lord for shelter, for food, for sound mind, for peace…..

I decree I will not be a candidate of any evil storm in form of sickness, disease or evil law in Jesus’ name

Let the mercies of God be with our Father in faith, Pastor E. A. Adeboye and his entire family, in Jesus’ name.

I decree, heaven shall be our potion in Jesus’ name

I decree, let every believer on this platform (rccgonline.org) never miss the promises of God that stands sure in our lives and our joy will never turn to sadness in Jesus’ most powerful name

I decree concerning my health, the grace of God will continue to speak for me, in the mighty name of Jesus

Dear Holy Spirit, thank You for all the testimonies on this platform, please continue to inspire the intercessory team for more prophetic declarations on this platform, in Jesus’ name

Somebody shout Hallelujah!


  1. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah thank you jehovah jireh for another wonderful week in Jesus matchless name l declare Ameeeeeeeeeen

  2. I thank you Lord over my life and my family your worthy to be pray in my life always praise God hallelujah

  3. Dear Lord God thank You Uncountable for the manifestation of the Declaration in my life and entire families and for Your Church at Large In Jesus Mighty Name Amen

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