Good Morning Beloved,

Read – Open Heavens 28 November 2019

Daily Confession: The glory of my latter days starting from now is greater than the former. I have a goodly heritage, I live a life of favour grace, peace and divine encounter always. Glory be to God Hallelujah!

This morning the presence of God will go with me and my household, in Jesus Name!

May God’s daily good news never depart from my life, in Jesus Name

That which look like rejection, may God’s Good news turn it around for my good, in Jesus Name!

That which God has started in my life shall be perfected in due season, in Jesus Name

I decree doors of afflictions be shut against me completely, in Jesus Name!

Let barren begin to leap for Joy right now, in Jesus Name!

I reject any negative medical report over all users of this platform, in Jesus Name!

I decree peace like a river into my marriage now, in Jesus Name!

I decree that my life shall bless someone’s life today, henceforth in Jesus Name!

Lord thank you for making that which seem to be impossible very possible for me in Jesus name

Lord thank you for permanently silencing the noise of the enemy against my victory shout in Jesus name

Lord thank you for bringing me to the level of divine grace and favour beyond my imagination

Lord thank you over (mention) for defiling all odds and giving me testimony over it

Go ahead and celebrate God for this beclarations.


We return all glory to you alone.


God bless You!

Read – Open Heavens 29 November 2019


  1. Hallelujah!! O Lord my God, I thank you over the complete healing of my husband, l know you have defied all the odds and we shall testify for it will all end in praises in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Amen

  2. Amen in JESUS CHRIST NAME. Please, an observation, I wouldn’t know if all the writes up can be proofread before being posted because most of the time, I do observe typographical error, God bless

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