God is unchangeable. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. His initial wish for you is to be blessed and he has not changed his mind. He hasn’t changed his words in Ezekiel 18:4.

He only made provision for you to escape the death that sin can bring by sending His son Jesus Christ. Romans 6:23. Don’t joke with God, he is the Almighty. He is a very good friend but a very dangerous enemy.


1. Thank the Almighty God for His preservation, goodness and mercy;

2. Father, that original blessing that you pronounced on Adam and Eve, please pronounce afresh on me;

3. Jehovah Elshadai, prove yourself in my life and family that you are more than sufficient;

4. My father, you are welcome to my home. Come and dine with us any day, any time you are welcome;

5. Every prophecy you have pointed in my direction, turn it into decree & let it be done tonight;

6. My father from now, let it be joy and laughter all the days of my life.

7. Your own individual request.


  1. Just did prostate operation on d 18/3/20 and can’t still urinate on my own. Currently placed back on catheter to assist in draining d bladder. Doctor asked to come back upper Monday (13/4/20) to see if I can urinate on my own.
    Amidst dis travail, I pass through severe pains through d anus, thighs, knees regions with incessant pull to defecate but to no available except ocassional faecal deposit. D coccyxidal pains is much. Can’t sleep.
    Pls Daddy GO pray for me for divine healings.
    Efebomo Gabriel

  2. Read your post about problems post prostate surgery and just a few comments. I assume the surgery was done correctly. If you are on medications to control pain especially something like tramadol or codeine, they cause constipation. With constipation, you may struggle to pass urine hence make sure you avoid constipation, get some fruits, lots of fibers and something that helps the bowel movement and it may help get rid of the catheter and other issues. Regards k Adeboye

  3. My brother I hope it is robotic they use and do it correctly .
    I did the same operation of the prostate on 16/3/2020.
    By 17/3/2020 the physio came around and gave me some excercise. I was discharged on the 18/3/2020.
    I left the hospital with catheter in my p*nis,hen 10 days later the catheter was removed. Though I have incontinece which I have been warned. Apart from that no worries at all.
    Please ask the surgeon what is up.In fact the same night of the operation I pass wind.my was done in Australia.By the way where did you do your operation
    God will heal you in Jesus name

  4. I receive in Jesus’ mighty name. Let it be unto me as it had been proclaimed. Thank you Pastor and God bless you abundantly always.

  5. Father, please perfect all that concern me a d grant my heart desire.
    Father Lord, provide and secure my marriage, every evil hand and power of darkness cancel in thy might name of Jesus
    Lord, prefect my husband and let your Love review new in in our home in Jesus name.
    Amen, Amen, Amen in Jesus name

  6. ABBA father please give me rest all around according to all that you have said and not a word fail in Jesus name amen

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