Read: Open Heaven 21 March 2023

Say amen to these powerful prophetic declarations from God’s servant, Apostle Joshua Selman as you begin your week.

I speak over you, in the Name above all names, everything that makes for mourning, mockery and reproach is rolled away from your life now. Nothing remains small in your life!

I declare, rise in influence; the anointing and mandate needed for the next season of your life, may it come upon you, in Jesus’ Name.

I place a mark upon you that everywhere you go from now, be distinguished for favour and honour.

Every gift and mandate that God has placed upon your life that’s yet to find expression, I empower it by the spirit to begin to find expression.

Prophetically, I open the doors and gates of nations, supernatural resources, and helpers in your life. May the Lord bless and increase you, in Jesus’ Name!

Nothing remains small in your life. I declare, rise to a level of influence and impact, in the name of Jesus!

I declare over your life, The Hand of God rests upon you.

You go from glory to glory; this week is a week of testimonies!

You will experience the ministry of The Holy Spirit in unusual dimensions.

May your value speak for you. May this anointing that has come upon your life speak for you, in the Name of Jesus!

I release upon you the grace for non-stop development, non-stop pursuit of God and non-stop capacity building, both spiritually and intellectually.

The spirit of unhealthy comparison and wrong sense of competition, I declare that that wrong mentality leaves your mind now, in the Name of Jesus!

I declare by prophecy, anyone who has been directed to invest in your life and destiny, I compel them to cross your path, in the name of Jesus!

Every wrong statement that has been said about you, stopping your helpers from reaching you, I cancel it now!

Every dead vision, business, ministry and destiny, jerk back to life now, in the name of Jesus!

For a professional connection here, I programme institutions to place value on what you carry (your skills and abilities), in the Name of Jesus!

I decree and declare, by the mystery of The Anointing, find visibility!

I connect you to your financial helpers and endorsers, in the Name of Jesus!

In the name of Jesus, may the anointing that causes men to reward and place value on your gifts come upon you now!


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