The Bible is the believer’s blueprint in life.

God’s Word gives is light and direction on how to live our lives including how to run how marriages and homes.

Christian wives must seek biblical ways to love their husbands because while it is good for them to love their husbands they way they desire to, it is even better for them to do so the way the Bible encourages.

Below are 6 ways women should love and care for their husbands as seen in scriptures:

1. Submit To His Leadership 15 Midnight Prayers To Reverse Delayed Destinies

The Bible instructs women to submit to their husbands as unto the Lord.

This may be frowned upon by the world but it is what Christians are to do because a Christian marriage is not just a “feel-good relationship”.

It is a reflection of Christ and His bride.

The woman’s duty is to marry a man who God approves of and who listens to God, that way, submitting to him is not a chore.

Unless in extreme cases (like when the man is being abusive or is demanding that his wife does ungodly things), a believing wife must maintain a constant state of submission to her husband.

Submitting and respecting your husband is a great way to shoe him love. Open Heaven 8 May 2023 By Pastor E A Adeboye

2. Share His Burdens

Another biblical way to show love for your husband is to share his burdens.

As believers, we are meant to share each other’s burdens and make it lighter.

A wife is expected to do this one a more deeper level for her husband.

3. Appreciate Him

A Christian wife should be graceful in her speech and say words of appreciation to her husband.

She must never be found putting him down especially with her words.

4. Pray For Him

A Christian wife should show love to her husband by lifting him up in prayers to God.

She may not be able to relieve all of his burdens but God definitely can.

5. Support Him

The support of a Christian wife is irreplaceable and carries a lot of weight.

A Christian wife should seek to support her husband completely in all his endeavors by offering wise counsel, listening to him, praying for him, and making it easy for him to achieve great success. Open Heaven 9 May 2023

6. Meet His Needs

Christian wives are to continually seek ways to meet their husbands’ needs.

Needs for care and love at home, feeding and nuturing, and so on.

There are also needs that only the wife can meet like intimacy related needs.

The Christian wife should always be willing to show her husband love and care by meeting all these needs.

The Bible says when two people become married, they are no longer two but one flesh so everything must become one.

These are some of the ways a Christian wife must show love and care to her husband as seen in scripture.

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Esther E
Esther E
11 months ago

Thanks for sharing this. God bless you

14 days ago

I wish I was a better wife