This Friday Morning The Presence of God will go with You and your household in Jesus Name!

May His daily Protection abide with you and yours in Jesus Name!

May your life never experience constant attacks in Jesus Name!

Whatever God has set you free from, may you not walk your back to your past captive in Jesus Name!

God is saying to someone that separation you are experiencing now from your friends is divinely orchestrated, take Rest in The Lord! Also Read – Prayer Points On Today’s Open Heaven 14 June 2019

I decree every secret Hand that is tormenting your life shall dry up now in Jesus Name!

God is saying to someone, the person you least expected is coming to confess to you what they planned against You! God said You should forgive that person and pray for them! Vengeance is of The Lord!

For someone suffering innocently this morning, Heaven release you and grant you Total Freedom in Jesus Name!

I declare your season to sing that your Testimonies song to be now in Jesus Name!

God is saying to someone, don’t rest at that position because God is taken You beyond that comfort zone! Keep moving! Halleluyah

I pray for everyone that God has opened your wombs recently that your joy shall manifest and be full in Jesus Name!

That songs of deliverance that you have received, may your enemies not turn it against you in Jesus Name! Also Read – Open Heavens 14 June 2019

For everyone struggling with debts, this same season – Heavens release financial breakthrough to You in Jesus Name!

Whoever that is on assignment to monitor your fulfilment in life – may God use such people as your footstool to the top in Jesus Name!

I cover all homes with the blood of Jesus! Irrespective of what’s happening in your location, God will guide you and your house jealously in Jesus Name!

I Pray for someone this morning – before the end of this month, God will release Your Major Testimonies in Jesus Name!

Over all homes- Divine Protection shall be double in Jesus Name!

I will not have cause to mourn over anyone of You in Jesus Name!

For those trusting God to be among them- You are lifted in Jesus Name

At the end we shall not be cast away in Jesus Name!

Remember to Pray for me and All Ministers of this Ministry!

Any forces that wants to stand against this morning declarations wrath of God locate their camps in Jesus Name!

And All shall be well with You in Jesus name!

Go ahead and Celebrate God for this morning Declarations.


We return all Glory to you Alone.



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