May this weekend be refreshing for you and your Loved ones, in Jesus Name.

You shall come out of that challenge victoriously, in Jesus Name.

Your kids will not suffer any form of injury within this weekend, in Jesus’ Name.

Your going in and coming out is secured through the victorious name of Jesus!

As you prepare for tomorrow, may His presence change your situation, in Jesus’ Name.

This Morning the presence of God will go with You and your household in Jesus Name!

May His daily favour not depart from You in Jesus Name!

Let there be New Testimonies in your life henceforth in Jesus Name

I decree the dew of this day will orchestrate ease to all your pains in Jesus Name!

Where You least expect help- Go and receive Help in Jesus Name!

Every battles that refused to let you go- May You see them no more from today in Jesus Name!

Whoever that is monitoring your journey will receive divine blindness this day in Jesus Name!

I declare Your Restoration to be now in Jesus Name!

That empty bucket that was presented to you as gift shall not have Dominion over You in Jesus Name!

I speak into that womb- receive babies now in Jesus Name!

Even with the early menopause- God said, You are carrying your babies very soon! Halleluyah

The doors that no one has ever opened in your lineage- Go and open it now in Jesus Name!

God is saying to someone- I will give you UNCOMMON TESTIMONIES!


Like a flood- I decree healing to flow into your life this morning in Jesus Name!

For every member of intercession team
Of this platform- May You receive more strength to do exploit in Jesus Name!

For everyone that has sown any seed this season- May You return with bountiful harvest in Jesus Name!

Over every home on this platform, May we not experience any lost in Jesus Name!

I cover all homes with the blood of Jesus!

I will not have cause to mourn over anyone of You in Jesus Name!

Remember to pray for Christians all over the world, may their salvation be secured

Any force that wants to stand against this morning declarations wrath of God locate their camps in Jesus Name!

And All shall be well with You in Jesus name!

And at the end we shall not be cast away in Jesus Name!

Go ahead and Celebrate God for this Declarations.


We return all Glory to you Alone.


God bless You!

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