They Need Your Prayers And Encouragement

Hello brethren,

Please comment responsibly and pray for these ones for total deliverance. 


Good day brethren,  happy New month and happy Congress in advance.

I have a problem that I want the house to help me with solution and prayers,  it’s actually concerning my husband.
Last year he dreamt of being naked and walking on the street after the dream,  things became so hard that we could barely feed not to talk of paying house rent and children’s school fee but to God be the glory we were able to pray our way out of it and got a new accommodation.
Just last week the same dream of being naked surface again,  my fear now is the aftermath of the dream.
I need prayer and counseling

2. I Keep Having Sex In The Dream

Blessed day to you.

Thanks for opportunity to drop this here.
I am a born again child of God.
I keep having sex in my dreams after going through deliverance sessions many times. It comes the more when I undergo a spiritual exercise. Sometimes, I see dead people..
Please, help me.
Thank you.

3. God Remember Me And Bless Me With The Fruit Of The Womb

Please join me in prayer for the fruit of the womb.
That God will remember me in the month of December 2018.
I want to testify to God fruitfulness in my marriage in 2019. Married for 11 years without fruit of the womb.
Thank you.

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Julie M
Julie M
3 years ago

Be thou exalted Holy One of Isreal, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the I Am that I Am! Father your word says in Ps.25: 1-3 that those that trust in You will not be ashamed. Father, look upon your children in their predicament and prove as you always do that You are Jehova Almighty! Jehova Overdo!! Blessed be Your holy name forever and ever, Amen!

3 years ago

God Remember Me And Bless Me With The Fruit Of The Womb
Please read these passages and take God at His Word and believe that with God nothing is impossible. Forever God’s word is settled in Heaven and on Earth.
Genesis 25:21; Exodus 23:26; Deuteronomy 7:14; Judges 13:3; 1 Samuel 2: 1-5; Psalm 113:9; Song of Solomon 4:2, 6:6; Luke 1:36-37. The Lord will honor your faith and answer your prayers as He did for Sarah, Rachel, Anna and Elizabeth IJMN. It is your season of GLORY NOW!

3 years ago

For the 2 Brethrens having bad dreams, I will suggest you seek help from a Godly Pastor to arrange a deliverance prayer session with you and provide scripture passages for you to Memorise and lift up God’s standards against the enemy when he comes in like a flood IJMN. Shalom and God bless you.