BIBLE TEXT(S): Gen. 1:28, Exo. 23:25-26, Deut 7:14

INTRODUCTION: Barrenness is simply defined as “unfruitfulness”. It means to be incapable of producing offspring, seed or fruit. From the above, we can see that barrenness covers many areas of life. Gods’ original plan for man is for him to be fruitful, multiply and replenish. As we pray, God will destroy every force of unfruitfulness in our lives in Jesus name.




1. Praise and thank God for His word in Genesis 1:28 that shall not return to Him void. Deuteronomy 7:14

2. Thank you, father, for making me fruitful, therefore, I shall not be barren in Jesusname

3. Let us confess our sins unto God and ask him for mercy. 1 John.1:9

4. Father, by the power in your word, I command every mountain of delayed conception in my life and family to be rolled away and levelled in Jesus name. 2Kings.4:16-17

5. Father, according to your word in Exodus 23:26, quicken the bodies of husband and wife called barren to hence bring forth children in Jesus name.

6. Father, by the power in the stripes of Jesus, I decree healing from any affliction hindering my conception in Jesus name. 1 Peter. 2:24

7. I sanctify my reproductive organs and system with the quickening power of the Holy Spirit and declare perfection because God’s report is greater than the doctor’s report. Romans. 8:11

8. Father, because with you all things are possible, I decree that against all odds, my conception is possible in Jesus name. Luke 18:27

9. Father, wipe the tears of everyone called barren and visit them with miracle babies as they desire (Twin, triplets, etc.). Psalm 128:1-3, Genesis 21:1-3

10. Oh God avenge speedily against any strongman or woman holding down the miracle babies of your children in Jesus name Amen. Luke. 18:8

11. We decree smooth delivery, there shall be no miscarriages, no abortions, no still births and no complications among our pregnant women in the name of Jesus. Luke
1:57, Exodus. 23:26 (None shall cast their young), Genesis 31:38

12. Father, anoint me with fruitfulness and destroy the yoke of barrenness in every area of my life in the name of Jesus

13. I command every barrier to my fruitfulness to be destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus. Genesis. 1:28

14. Father, let every thing I laid my hand upon prosper. Psalm 1:3

15. I Thank You Lord, I shall be fruitful in every areas of my endeavour in Jesus name


  1. Amen. Mighty God doing mighty things in our lives. To you be all the praise and glory in Jesus mighty name.

  2. Lord let thy will be done and your children be fruitful in every areas of their endeavours in Jesus Name 🙏

  3. Happy birthday Daddy,you will continue to go from grace to grace and from strength to strength in Jesus name. Amen.

  4. Thank you LORD GOD AMEN AMEN AMEN Hallelujah GLORY
    I receive my Congratulations AMEN AMEN Hallelujah GLORY

  5. Father, by the power in your word, I command every mountain of delayed conception in my life and family to be rolled away and levelled in Jesus name in every aspect in terms of Financial, Spiritually, Mentally, physically and Business in Jesus name Amen.

  6. FATHER GOD bless Pastor Adeboye on his birthday.
    Just like Moses at 80 and Abraham at 99/100, did great things.
    So shall he do great things.
    Grant him Lord, increased wisdom, knowledge and understanding, in JESUS Name, amen.

    Lord I receive all you have for me, thanking YOU for your Word in Exodus 23:25 – 26.

  7. Thank you Lord because I am a Fruitful mother of Samuel and Joseph Onwusah in Jesus name. Amen

  8. Happy belated birthday to our lovely father in the Lord.Daddy G.O,may u continue to grow from strength to strength,from glory to glory in Jesus name,amen.

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