BIBLE TEXT: Genesis 37:15-18

INTRODUCTION: The life of a man is not in himself. Jeremiah 10:23. For any man to reach the peak of his destiny there is need for the guidance of the Almighty.



Our daily declaration during the period of fasting and prayer.

1. Nigeria; you will arise and shine again, for thy light is come.

2. All Prophesies of glory about Nigeria shall come to fulfilment in Jesus name.

3. I will eat the good of the land of Nigeria in Jesus name.

4. When the glory of Nigeria shall appear I and my family shall not disappear.

5. I thank you father for your good plan for Nigeria and answer to our prayers.


1. Father I thank you for your hand that is mighty upon our nation Nigeria up to this day in Jesus Name.

2. Father I thank you because we still have people working according to your commandments in Nigeria, in Jesus Name. Psalm 119:1.

3. We admit as Nigeria that we have sin by not following your guidance and direction, please have mercy upon us in the name of Jesus. 1 John. 1:9

4. Father; Please guide and direct us again in our nation, we will serve you for the rest of our life in the name of Jesus. Psalm 46:1-3

5. Father; guide and direct us on how to resist the powers of darkness that have been release into our nation Nigeria in the name of Jesus. Matthew 18:18, James 4:7

6. Father. Without you we can do nothing, please guide our nation to keep your testimony and work in your way in Jesus name. Psalm 119:2

7. Father; help our nation Nigeria to keep your command and to work in keeping thy precepts diligently in the name of Jesus. Psalm 119:4

8. Father; guide our nation Nigeria to always trust you with all our heart in thy name of Jesus. Proverb 3:5

9. Father; help our nation Nigeria never to lean on our own understanding but always acknowledge you in the name of Jesus. Proverb 3:5.

10. Father help our nation Nigeria never to be wise in our own eyes but to fear you and depart from evil in the name of Jesus. Proverb 3:7

11. Father, give Nigerians the right attitude to handle trials coming their ways not to lose the Crown of glory that follows in Jesus name.

12. Father; the meek you will guide in judgment: and teach your way; give Nigerians a humble and a teachable heart in Jesus name. Psa25:9

13. The brothers of Joseph took away his coat of many colours, but were not able to take away the garment of his glory; I pray that trials of life will not rip all our brethren their glory in Jesus name. Genesis 45:1-8

14. As brothers of Joseph were not able to abort his dream, I pray that all our nation Nigeria’s ambition and God given dreams shall not be aborted in Jesus name.

15. Father, as Joseph was connected in the prison, guide and connect us with the helpers of our destiny in Jesus name.

16. Father, give our divine helpers a reminder and a push that will propel them to deliver their mandate concerning us in Jesus name. Genesis 41:9-15

17. I destroy the power of every dream killer operating against Nigeria’s good and godly dreams in Jesus name. 2king 6:11-20

18. Father; lead Nigeria in the path of righteousness for your name sake in Jesus name. Psa 23:2

19. Father, we want to see and experience your glory in Nigeria again as you reveal yourself to Moses in Jesus name. 1Kings 19:12

20. Father, release afresh to us, the power to keep your word in our heart not to sin in Jesus name. Psa 119:11

21. Father, guide our nation Nigeria by the light of the word in all our ways in Jesus name. Psa 119: 105


  1. Amen and amen, Nigeria glory shall shine and we all be partakers in Jesus name , more Grace to our Daddy , Daddy G.O

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