BIBLE TEXT: Proverbs 20:29

INTRODUCTION: Youth is the time of life when one is young. A time between childhood and adulthood and the glory of young man is their strength. It’s a time that young fellow need to travail in prayers to be able to achieve his/her destiny and live a fulfil life



Our daily declaration during the period of fasting and prayer.

1. Nigeria; you will arise and shine again, for thy light is come.

2. All Prophesies of glory about Nigeria shall come to fulfilment in Jesus name.

3. I will eat the good of the land of Nigeria in Jesus name.

4. When the glory of Nigeria shall appear I and my family shall not disappear.

5. I thank you father for your good plan for Nigeria and answer to our prayers.


1. Father; thank you for your unfailing love, blessings and goodness upon our youth in Nigeria, Psa 1031-5

2. Father, please increase the faith of all our youth in you, in Nigeria, in Jesus name. Luke 17:5

3. Father, please guide and protect our young people in Nigeria, from the path of destruction and deliver them from the spirit of worldliness, in Jesus name. Psa 32:8

4. Father, please as David defeated goliath in his days let all our youth in Nigeria, defeat every goliath assign against them 1sam 17

5. Father, please help our young ones to obey and work for you at their youthful age in Jesus name. Lam 3:27

6. Father, please make our youth in Nigeria, relevant in this generation, in Jesus name. Psam71:7

7. Father, please deliver all our youth in Nigeria, from the hand of the wicked, the unrighteous and cruel men in Jesus name. Psa 71:4

8. Father, please put an end to anything causing shame and disgrace in the life of our youth, in Jesus name. Isa 54:4

9. Father, please remove far away the spirit of untimely death in the life of our youth in Nigeria, in Jesus name. Job 36:14, Jer 9:21

10.Father, please make our youth a partaker of your promise of increase in knowledge, in Jesus name. Dan 12:4

11.Father, please make our youths in Nigeria relevant and useful in the political
arrangement in this nation in Jesus name.

12.Father, please open the eyes of our youth and give them clear vision, in Jesus name. Joel 2:28

13.Father, please pour out your spirit upon the life of our youth to be able to do your will Joel 2:28

14.Father, please let the glory of all our youth be awaken now, in Jesus name. Psa 57:8

15.Lord arise and save our children from the spirit of worldliness in Jesus name.

16.Every demon in charge of the social media manipulation, we dethrone you in the name of Jesus.

17.Every evil intention behind social media and technology wasting the usefulness and strength of our youth in Nigeria be exposed and disgraced in Jesus name, Job 5:12

18.My children (names of your children) will not be a victim of social media destruction in Jesus name. Prov 18:9

19.Lord; deliver our children and youths in Nigeria from the foolishness of social media in Jesus name. Prov 18:2

20.Lord help our youth in Nigeria to be more diligent, dedicated and committed to their jobs, careers, ministry, family, etc. than social media, in Jesus name. Prov 18:9.


  1. Amen and Amen in Jesus name Amen. We glorify Your Holy Name in Jesus name Amen. Thank You Lord for all the answered prayers in Jesus name Amen.

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