Let us Pray!


Eternal Rock of Ages we just want to say Glory be to Your Holy Name.

We thank You for this very Special Occasion in the Life of everyone of us and in the Life of Your Church as a whole.

We are asking Lord that You will please accept our Thanks.

And we are asking that today like never before; you will visit Your children.

And please Lord: Come and Dine with us.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

… Well let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

We will be reading from: Exodus 12: 21-23.

EXODUS 12:21 -23;

21. Then Moses called for all the elders of Israel, and said unto them, Draw out and take you a lamb according to your families, and kill the Passover.

22. And ye shall take a bunch of hyssop, and dip it in the blood that is in the bason, and strike the lintel and the two side posts with the blood that is in the bason; and none of you shall go out at the door of his house until the morning.

23. For the LORD will pass through to smite the Egyptians; and when he seeth the blood upon the lintel, and on the two side posts, the LORD will pass over the door, and will not suffer the destroyer to come in unto your houses to smite you.






The Holy Communion Service of tonight of course is a very, very Special One.

Don’t let it appear strange to you that we are having the Holy Communion in a “Home Setting”.

The very first (1st) one took Place in the house – Individual Houses!

… Not in the Church, not in the Temple.

As a matter of fact; the children of Israel were in Egypt and there were no Temples, no Synagogues. And everybody Partook of the Passover Feast that Night in their homes.

The Last Holy Communion Service or the Last Passover Feast which the Lord Jesus Christ ate with His Disciples was also in a “House Setting”.

If you read the Book of Matthew 26: 17-Downwards; when the Disciples came to Him (Jesus Christ) and said: Lord, where do You want us to prepare for You to eat the Passover?

He didn’t say: Go and look for one of the Temple or one of the Synagogues.

He said: Go to such and such a City; you will see such and such a man; ask him – The Lord will have a “Passover Meal” in your house today!

And the man will give you a room that he has prepared for Me and My Disciples to eat.

So, you will discovered that what we are doing tonight is actually the nearest to the “Original Thing” that ever happened!

Now, the first (1st) one – The first (1st) Holy Communion Service as we may call it; happened during the time of crises – “National Crises”.

“National Crises” for Egypt because Egypt has been going through series of Plagues.

And of course; we could call it “National Crises” for the children of Israel because after the series of Plagues; the man who was holding them captive still refused to let them go!

… So, there was a “National Crises” when the first (1st) Holy Communion Service took Place.

At the time the Lord Jesus Christ ate the “Last Passover Meal” with His Disciples; it was also at a time we could call it “World Crises”.

“World Crises” because very soon after that; the Light of the world is going to be put out as it were.

Because when they crucified the Lord Jesus Christ; the Heaven was darkened.

But thank God it wasn’t long after that the Light rose during the “Resurrection Morning” – Praise the Lord!

So, I’m believing God that after tonight Holy Communion Service; the Sun will rise again – A Resounding Amen for the DMC Family.

And all our Prayers since the beginning of the Year (2020): All our cries to God – Let There Be Light will soon be answered in Jesus Name

And then during that Holy Communion Service – The first (1st) one; it was an “Act of Faith” because when Moses told the Elders: This is what is going to happen tonight.

They have never seen anything like that before. They had no real reason to believe that what he was asking them to do is going to be the “Next Step” to their Freedom.

… But they Acted in Faith and the Almighty God honoured their Faith!

And as we Partake of the Holy Communion Service tonight; we will be “Acting in Faith” – As we eat the Bread, we are “Acting in Faith” believing that we are Partaking of the “Body of Christ” that was broken for us.

As we drink the Wine tonight; we will be “Acting in Faith” believing that we are Partaking of the Blood that was shed for us.

So tonight; I want you to relax and “Act in Faith”.

The Elements that will be distributed to you by your Leaders has been Sanctified. It has been Prayed over.

And Symbolically, the Bread represents “The Body of Christ broken for you”

So, when you eat that Bread tonight; Pray to God for Healing: Not only for yourself, not only for your family, not only for your Nation but for the whole world.

When you drink the Wine tonight; do it in Faith – Believing the Almighty God that the God who sent His Son to wipe away the sin of the whole world will remembered the Sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ and have Mercy on the world.

Let us bow our heads in Prayer.


Almighty God we want to bless Your Holy Name. We thank You once again for this “Unique Opportunity” to Dine with You.

We Pray that as we Partake of Your Body and of Your Blood tonight; the Miracles that are associated with this particular Service will be manifested in all our lives.

And Father, I’m Praying that in case there are People in Attendance in the various homes tonight (Or reading through the Full Text of the Message as on rccgonline.org ) who have not yet given their lives to Jesus Christ – If they will genuinely surrender their lives to You today; Please forgive their sins, receive them into the Family of God. Let the Body of Christ become efficacious for them and let the Blood wash away all their sins.

And after tonight Lord, I Pray that very soon we will see “Light at the end of the Tunnel” in Jesus Name.

Thank You Almighty God. For in Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


And so Father, we ask that once again You will lay Your Mighty Hands on the Elements – The ones here standing in Proxy for all the others spread all over the world.

That as Your children will Partake of the Body and the Blood of Jesus Christ; that they will wake up tomorrow morning Healthy, Strong and Ready to Shine for You.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

And now you will come one by one.

I want you to know that all your Leaders who will be serving you tonight have washed their hands thoroughly. And so you have nothing to fear from them.

And the Lord Jesus Christ; the very Night in which He was betrayed took the Bread and broke it and said: Take, Eat; this is My Body broken for you. Do this in remembrance of Me.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – Amen!

Pray like I have said – For the Healing of your Body, Soul and Spirit; the Healing of your family; the Healing of the Church as a whole; the Healing of our Nation and the Healing of the whole world.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Mummy GO will help me serve the Wine.

After the same manner; He took the Cup – When He has Sup saying: *This Cup is the New Testament in My Blood. Do this as Off as you drink it in remembrance of Me.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – Amen!

… Go ahead and drink. Go ahead and Pray.

Oh Thank You Father; Blessed be Your Holy Name. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


My Father and my God; I want to Bless Your Holy Name: Thank You for the Stripes that has made us whole; Thank You for the Blood shed for us and Thank You for the Power of the Holy Spirit that has given us Assurance that definitely all will be well.

Please, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

I commit all Your children to Your Hands Lord; even as You have Promised me Daddy – Fulfill Your Promise.

Let No Plague come near Your children. Let there be a definite distinction between those who are Serving You in Spirit and in Truth and those who are not.

You have Promised that as soon as the whole world has had its *”Compulsory Holiday”* that this Plague will subside.

… Please, let it be soon!
Thank You Daddy. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!



We will have a very, very Special Holy Ghost Service at the usual time *(First Friday of the Month – 3rd April, 2020 from 7.00pm Nigeria Time!)

And we cannot have “The Special One” for the children for now because of all the restrictions.

But as soon as the Lockdown is over; we will have “The Special Holy Ghost Service for the Children” as usual.

… And it is going to be a very, very Special Holy Ghost Service.

So, tell your friends, tell your relatives. Use this opportunity to really Witness to them.

… This is not the Time to joke with Salvation any longer!



Let us prepare our Thanksgiving Offering as it is our Custom.

Now, lift your offerings to the Most High God and just thank Him that you are alive and well and able to Partake of the Holy Communion tonight.

Let us go ahead and talk to God for just a minute (one) or two (2).

Bless His Holy Name.

Thank You Father. Thank You very much.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Let us go ahead to give our offerings to Him (God).


Father, once again we say Thank You – Thank You for the Sacrifice You made for us.

We ask that You please receive the offerings of Your children; Sanctified it; Heal them Financially. Don’t let them ever Lack.

And next time; let them be able to do more than this.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!!!


Thank you so much for staying all through to read, rccgonline.org

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Mrs Austin-Oji Faith
Mrs Austin-Oji Faith
6 months ago

Amen in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus