TEXT: MATTHEW 25 :1-13


Immortal God, Invisible God, Immortal God, How Great thou are …

King of kings and Lord of Lords, we worship You,

Thank You for what you did in January, February, and March,

Thank You for bringing us the second quarter of this year,

Accept our thanks in Jesus name,

As we gather together to dine with You tonight, be present in our midst,

As we partake of the symbol of Your body and blood heal us in Jesus name,

Empower us and give us the grace to begin to shine for you.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let someone shout hallelujah

Shake hands with one or two people and say – Good evening, God bless you.

As long as their is oil in the lamp,it shines and keeps burning and the light keeps burning as long as their is fuel in the tank the engine of the car will keep running, as long as their is fuel in the generator it will continue to produce electricity. But when the oil is out, the shinning ceases, because then the light will go out.

I pray for you tonight that your light will not go out.

To keep on shinning you must learn from these virgins, whenever the oil is running out from the lamp we must refill, if you want to shine for long you must constantly refill. Ephesian 5:18 Keep filling with the Holy Spirit, keep on refiling your tank. When you know that the journey is long, then make sure that you have enough fuel or refueling station on the way. Open Heaven Sunday 7th April 2019

If you are traveling from Lagos to Ilorin You need to be sure that there is no fuel scarcity on the way, you need to keep on refilling. The race of life is not a sprint but a marathon. Hebrews 12:1 Run with patience the race that is set before us.

The race of life is a marathon that is why we refill every month at the Holy communion service to recharge our spiritual battery because the journey is long. My prayer for everyone of you who will be partaking in the holy communion of tonight is that you will finish well and strong in Jesus name.

Holy communion is for the body of Christ, it is for those that have become part and parcel of Him.
By His stripes you were healed. When we take the bread and broke it we partake of the body of Christ by faith
The stripe of Jesus Christ will not be in vain for you.

When you take the bread, pray- God, Dont let your stripe be in vain in my life, let it bring healing to me.

When you take the wine, pray- Lord, please, refill my lamp and keep me shinning for you till the very end.

You will forever shine for him,

He will keep on refilling you,
Your light will not go off,
You will be shinning till you see Him in glory

The almighty God will accept, bless and sanctify your offering and use it for His glory,

And your pocket will never be empty,

He will just keep on refilling you,

And as you go, He will go with you,

Before you return tomorrow you will have testimonies,

So shall it be,

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed

***Tomorrow will be a glorious night, bring your children for anointing.

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