Topic: God Bless You
Text: Genesis 1:26-28
To understand the theme “God Bless You”, you must first answer the question, who is God?
Who is God?
– God is the one who has been before the beginning began. Ephesians 1:3-4
– God had been there before the mountains began
– He is the creator of everything.
– He is someone who when He speaks, it is done.
What is a blessing?
– Basically, a blessing is something good given to you, over and above your basic needs. Genesis 2:8-12, Psalm 127:2
There are certain things that God has put in place.
Abundance is basic. Psalm 35:1-7, 34:10
Who has the authority to bless?
– Only God had the authority to bless but He delegates His authority to some people (2 Kings 2:9-15); they include:
1) Your father
2) The husband of a woman
3) Your spiritual father
What does “God bless you” release to you? Proverbs 10:22
– It means you will be rich spectacularly.
Genesis 39:1-5, 24:35-35
– God will add no sorrow to your blessings. Psalm 16:11, Job 38:1-7
The You we are talking about is the one whose sins have been washed away by the blood of Jesus.
The one who has gone back to the age of innocence; the state of purity before the fall of man which is only made possible by the Blood of Jesus.
Prayer Points
1. Father, please pour your salt into my source and change every curse in my life to a blessing.
2. Father, speak to my body and everything that is damaged beyond repairs please replace it and give me a creative miracle.
3. Father, please command an end to darken in my life, command darkness to leave me alone.
4. Father, please bless me through my spiritual father tonight.
5. Father, just rain Youre blessings upon me.
6. Father, please wipe away tears from my eyes.


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