Beloved, these prayer points are spiritual and may not be understood by carnal minds. If you want to be blessed from these prayer points, you must first, surrender Your life, to the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, by saying this prayer:

“Lord Jesus, I come to You with a deeply repentant heart, please, forgive me all my sins. I surrender my life to you, today, and, I accept You, as my personal Lord and Saviour. Please, come into my life and save my soul from eternal destruction in hell fire. In Jesus’ name, I pray.”

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PERSONAL DAILY CONFESSION: I confess today, In this new month of December, my eyes are set to achieve the goal God has placed for me, I will never be misled by evil clouds caused by workers of darkness. I live daily a life that exalts the name of God regardless of the purpose of the evil one. My hope and trust is in Christ Jesus and His spirit rests upon mine always because my body is His temple. I will always overcome and win, nothing will be broken or missing in and through me in Jesus name. Amen!




I decree, this new month of December will favour me and my household in all ramifications, in Jesus’ name

I decree, the plans of God for my life shall come to manifestation. I will enjoy God’s presence like never before, in Jesus’ name

I decree, in this new month of December, my ears are opened to hearing the directions from God in Jesus’ name

I destroy every ploy laid on my path by the enemy in this month in Jesus’ name

I terminate every evil power placed upon my life to hold me against the will of God, in Jesus’ name

I destroy every attack against my spirit man stopping me from discerning in the way of God for me, in Jesus’ name

I cancel every evil advise and advisor causing commotion over the leadership of this nation and nations around the world, in Jesus’ name

I bring down every pull or hold used to put me in the place God doesn’t want me in Jesus’ name

I decree my life and that of my household is for signs and wonders and we will never be a tool in the hands of the enemies

I decree henceforth my utterance are divinely guided and I am supernaturally enabled to fulfill my purpose of creation in Jesus’ name

I decree no disease or infection will come into my dwelling every evil report is permanently negated, in Jesus’ name

Let the mercies of God be with our Father in faith, Pastor E. A. Adeboye and his entire family, in Jesus’ name.

I decree, let every believer on this platform (rccgonline.org) never miss the promises of God that stands sure in our lives and our joy will never turn to sadness in Jesus’ most powerful name

I decree concerning my health, the grace of God will continue to speak for me, in the mighty name of Jesus

Dear Holy Spirit, thank You for all the testimonies on this platform, please continue to inspire the intercessory team for more prophetic declarations on this platform, in Jesus’ name

Somebody shout Hallelujah!


  1. Glory to God for the month of December, the month of celebrations,dancing and rejoicing shall be our testimonies in Jesus name.Amen

  2. Thank JESUS for this new month, Abba father, please let everything in this month of December walk for my good. Thank you JESUS for everything. Hallelujah

  3. Amen and Amen to all these prophetic declarations in Jesus Mighty name. Thank you, Lord God Almighty for answered prayers and declarations in Jesus Mighty name, amen

  4. Thank you Jesus for your unfailing love thank you for your son daddy Adeboye and all his team that are working hand in hand bless them all and strengthen them in Jesus mighty name amen

  5. Amen and Amen..Glory to God in the highest for the great and mighty things He has done for us..The Name of The Lord be Exalted forever and ever. Hallelujah 🌲💃🥰

  6. What a faithful God you are, thank you dear Lord for the privilege to be counted among the living, I can never take this for granted I remain forever grateful to u in Jesus name Amen.
    Dear Holy Spirit I’m tired of the miry Clair plz lift me to the rock that is higher than I in Jesus name.
    Promote me in all aspects of my life and that of my household in Jesus name Amen.

  7. Amen. Thank you lord for sustaining me and my family al lthrough the year. Be thou exalted oh Lord, you deserve my praise.

  8. Amen and Amen in Jesus name!
    Happy new month to everyone on this platform. We pray for new oil and fresh fire upon our Intercessory Team in Jesus mighty name. Thank you ALL for being such a bundle of blessings.

  9. Thank you God for your Promise to lavish your blessings Spritually physically financially health wise and on every Ramification In JESUS Powerful Name Amen Amen and Amen
    Amen to all our prayers for our Nations and our families IN JESUS NAME

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