Good Morning Beloved,

Daily Confession: The lord has caused a shift that shield me away from the imminent harm of the evil one. He who began a good work in me will perfect it. The Lord is my help always and I depend solely on His power to deliver and save me. I will never become a victim of any evil circumstance. I am a victor always nothing can stop me or stop the plans of God for me.

Read – Open Heaven 4 October 2019

This morning the presence of God will go with you and your household in Jesus Name!

May His mercy always speak for you and your household, in Jesus Name!

I decree strength from within at that stage of giving up, I receive divine encouragement in Jesus Name

Father, I decree let there be sound of Joy my home again, in Jesus Name

I decree over my health, let that sickness loose it’s grips on me permanently now, in Jesus Name!

I decree and declare let all that has tarried in the place of prayer receive speed of answers in Jesus name

I decree let that which has hung over my family and I for so long that cause us to panic and bow in shame be totally removed and negated in Jesus name

I decree and declare over (mention), give me victory and permanently silent everyone that ridicules me in anyway due to what they know about me in Jesus name

Lord as I look up to you over(mention) have your way and give me total liberty in Jesus name

Lord I release many oppressed by people in power either below or above them into your hand vindicate them and cause a change in Jesus name

Lord hide me and my household from evil laws and law makers that wants to jeopardize your plan for me in Jesus name

I decree in this land and everywhere I go to in life let protocols be broken to favour me in Jesus name

I decree over anyone trusting God for fruits of the womb on this platform, this season receive your babies in Jesus Name!

Over that job interview, may your receive congratulations message in Jesus Name!

Your rough road are permanently smooth now and In Jesus Name!

I pray for all OHD intercessors on this platform, may you not regret paying this sacrifice, in Jesus Name!

For everyone that has sown any seed this season- May You return with bountiful harvest in Jesus Name!

I cover all homes with the blood of Jesus!

I will not have cause to mourn over anyone of You in Jesus Name!

Remember to pray for persecuted Christians around the world

Any force that wants to stand against this morning declarations, may the wrath of God locate their camps in Jesus Name!

And all shall be well with you in Jesus name!

And at the end we shall not be cast away in Jesus Name!

Go ahead and Celebrate God for this Declarations.


We return all Glory to you Alone.


God bless You!

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