Let somebody shout Hallelujah!

Open Heavens 2021 is a daily devotional written by God’s Servant, Pastor Enoch A. Adeboye. The rich content of the devotional has made it a daily spiritual staple of millions of Christians across the globe.

It embodies the profound yearnings of Pastor Adeboye, as he gleans from the feet of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. For years, the open heaven 2021 has been the daily guide of several Christians within RCCG and beyond.

Its daily message sets the tone for the day ahead. It enriches the spiritual life of its users, as the mystery of God’s word is unpacked in each issue. The open heaven 2021 volume comes fully loaded with so much more for those who place their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

OPEN HEAVEN 2021 volume is a cistern from which the thirsty soul can drink. It espouses on key issues of our faith. The year 2020, was to say the least, quite eventful. From the outbreak of Corona Virus to the collapse of economies and financial institutions and systems around the world, our faith in this age hangs in the balance.

The good news, nonetheless, is that Our Good Lord never suffers the righteous to be moved. In the midst of the crises in the preceding year, millions of lives came to faith in Jesus Christ. Millions of Christians still prospered in the midst of the global chaos. This deepens the truth that those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken, but endures forever.

In the 2021 volume of Open Heavens, God speaks to our hearts through His servant in very spectacular ways. The messages are timely. They focus on the main issues that we face in our days. This volume strikes an important chord.

It speaks to issues of our health, our spiritual growth, our prosperity and the timeless need to totally yield everything that we are to the lordship of Jesus. Timeless truths are presented with a freshness and depth that are so in touch with the reality of our days. The 2021 volume prepares us for eternity as the issues of holiness and consecration are strongly reiterated.

This volume responds to the core and holistic needs of the Christian faith: the principles with which we will succeed and shine as light in this world and the truth of the word that sets us free.

It arms us with the knowledge and power to conquer this world and live above the perversion of this age. It calls us away from shallow living to depth of connection to God, which resonates with the key things that God wants us to pay attention to.

Waking us from the ashes of our fallen world hard hit by the pandemic and other strategic events in the past year, this volume helps us to build stronger and heaven-focused systems. It draws our attention to building a life that matters in eternity, irrespective of what it is in the interim.

This volume is significant as it marks the inception of the many great things that the good Lord intends to show us in the following years if He tarries in His return to rapture His saints.

It empowers us daily with sound biblical teachings that will guide us into daily victorious Christian living, as the Word of life nourishes and nurses us into the stature, personality and image of our calling in Christ Jesus.

A series of issues on building healthy and Godly homes and professions are reflected as well. It is true that until our homes are holy and godly, it is simply impossible to have holy institutions and professions.

Every saint or sinner comes from a family. This mindset is crucial and indispensable. Paying a particular attention to God-ordained parenting in the upbringing of our children will go a long way in saving our world from being infiltrated with elements that invariably contribute to its collapse.

On the platform of professions, we are called to be the light of the world. A responsibility that conquers the darkest corners of this world. We are challenged to be the salt of this earth, so we can deliver it from rot and decay.

It is this conscious and informed understanding of our roles in the mandates of God for our lives that will transform us and enrich us with the wisdom to be the ambassadors of God in this age.

Above all, this volume seeks to help us mend our relationship with the Lord. It helps us to draw closer than we have done in the last years. It discharges deep truths from the pages of His Word so we are able to attain the height of his calling in our lives. It shows us the path to follow every day throughout the year 2021, so we can be all that God has called us to be. OPEN HEAVEN 2021

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